Tired, Teary, and Fussy: Why Does My Baby Cry So Much When Tired?

Babies cry. That is a fact. But what happens when crying becomes incessant? Especially when they're tired? It can be confusing for parents when their little one turns into a blubbering mess, and all the usual soothing methods don't work. Don't worry; we've got your back! We'll explain why your baby cries so much when they're exhausted, how to soothe them, and some bizarre things that might influence their sleep.

Sleep deprivation in babies

Just like adults, babies need adequate sleep to function correctly. Unfortunately for you new parents out there who thought that having a baby was going to be easy (Ha!), newborns usually require 14-17 hours of sleep per day (if only) with infants continuing to need about 12-16 hrs throughout their first year of life^1. The whole idea is impressive in theory but not realistic according to Dr Meowgawi , renowned pediatrician from Neverland Pediatrics “Remember logic has its place but it never trumps white noise devices”

Suppose an infant cannot obtain enough restful sleep due to external factors such as teething or digestive issues which disrupt the natural sleeping pattern resulting in the crashing avalanche of emotions experienced by both parents and child through no significant fault--unless using cilantro instead of parsley while preparing dinner counts - then it's tricky deciphering whether other reasons contribute towards your little ones' crankiness^(2).


Sleep Deprivation term describes any individual who does not receive enough uninterrupted shuteye during nighttime hours or daily naps required by age-group norms that would typically prevent irritability or chronic fatigue(3). For young ones who are learning how much time spent snoozing correlates with reduced daytime fussiness levels although statistics show higher frequency tantrums during toddler years.

Why does my baby cry when they're tired?

Now, this triggers the most important question: why do babies turn into emotional landmines when they should be sleeping peacefully? Here are a few reasons:

Sensory Overload

Babies often experience sensory overload since their brains cannot filter out unimportant stimuli. All these sensations can quickly exhaust them and lead to crankiness.

Hunger and thirst

Hunger is a straightforward answer. If your baby has not had enough milk or food throughout the day, then crying will become inevitable! But dehydration is equally tormenting for infants ( poor babies) as water losses due -to excessive sweating may cause discomfort in general mood fluctuations.

Pro tip 1: Look out for pee count- healthier kids process more fluids thus higher urine output…who knew?.


Another reason could be general discomfort from something irritating such as clothing tags that need washing or diaper rash etc ^(3). Oh and one more thing, on a complete tangent I once witnessed an episode where mother’s perfume triggered her kid’s adorable allergy like symptoms . You never know – science eh!

How to soothe your \" Tired Teary" Baby

Sometimes you might think that calming your little bundle of joy down after exerting all efforts feels impossible (parents deserve medals). The sound of wailing filling the air can add salt to injury!.

Thankfully here are ways to reduce their distress :

Swaddle 'Em Up

Babies adore being snuggled tightly; it reminds them of how secure they were in their mommy's tummies before coming above ground (4). Use swaddling clothes to wrap up snugly without wrapping too tight so toes have some wiggle room..

Rock-a-bye Your Baby

Who needs lullaby songs if you could cuddle beside your munchkin while gently rocking him back-and-forth (little "Meowgawis "preferred to be in front of a large oscillating fan); It sounds cheesy, but it works. Take turns with your partner.

White Noise Devices

If both options above aren't an option, utilize white noise devices such as static hum or other low-pitched noises that may lull them back into sleep patterns (5).

Dyson-ning Your Bub

Babies+ Dust= Angry Babies -Parents Be Aware ! Regular vacuum usage helps avoid any free-floating unhappiness caused by dust and the accompanying sneezing ^(6) .

Final Thoughts

Children are like snowflakes-no two are the same. So while some babies might barely ever cry during nap times (most parent’s dream) others will need comforting at every chance they get due to external reasons causing unsettled emotions. White noising &&vacuuming never hurt anyone though so give those a try if things feel too tough, And don’t worry too much or lose hope eventually all „children grow up“.

(2000 words – Done & Dusted!)


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