Transforming day 13: My Whole30 Journey

If you're reading this, congrats! You've made it past the halfway point of your Whole30 journey. I bet your taste buds are practically begging for that slice of pizza or bowl of ice cream at this point. I know mine are screaming for some dairy-based goodness.

Transforming day 13: My Whole30 Journey

But we must persevere! We're in this together and today is all about transforming ourselves yet again!

Breakfast (Or as we like to call it - "Morning Grub")

Let's start things off on a positive note with our Morning Grub options:

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Hash browns
  • Avocado slices
  • Sweet potato home fries
  • Bacon
  • Turkey sausage patties

Pro tip: Make extra bacon and add it throughout your meals today. Because who doesn't love bacon, amirite?

Snack Attack!

Around mid-morning, my stomach always starts growling like a lion ready to take down its prey. So what do we do? Snack time!

Here are some snack attack options:

  1. A handful of almonds (but be careful not to overdo it - they can be pretty calorie dense)
  2. Apple slices and almond butter
  3. Carrot sticks and guacamole

Now isn't that better than just grabbing a bagel from the break room?

Lunchtime Galore

It's lunchtime! Here are some tasty ideas:

  • Salmon Salad Ingredients:
  • Fresh salmon filet
  • Mixed greens
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Sliced avocado
  • Creamy cilantro lime dressing

This salad will have you feeling full until dinner time rolls around

I swapped out my usual sandwich cravings with lettuce wraps filled with roast beef, turkey or chicken deli meat.

Another option could be grilled chicken breasts over zucchini noodles with homemade primavera sauce.

Crunchy Cravings

Are you in the mood for something crunchy? We gotchu.

  • Kale chips
  • Fresh kale leaves
  • Olive oil
  • Sea salt

We all know how healthy kale is, but let me just say - these crispy little green chips will have your taste buds feeling like everyday is cheat day!

For a more filling snack try celery sticks spread with almond butter and topped with chia seeds.

Time to Sweat!

Guess what? You don't need a gym membership or fancy workout gear to get moving today! Even 15-20 minutes of movement helps invigorate our metabolism and calms us from any strong cravings throughout the day.

Here are some options:

  1. Live streaming workouts
  2. Dance like nobody's watching (because nobody probably is) 3.Walk around your neighborhood

Don't be afraid to get up and move that body!

Dinner Date Ideas

It's time to refuel after navigating through another Whole30 meal day! Here are dinner ideas pulled right outta my recipe book;

  • Stuffed bell peppers Ingredients:
    • Ground turkey
    • Bell peppers
    • Onion
    • Salt & pepper

Sautee lean ground turkey with diced onion, garlic powder, salt & pepper add brown rice (optional). Stuff mixture into coreless peppers.

An alternative could be sheet pan roasted vegetables also known as "Clean Out Your Fridge" night. Take those veggies that you forgot about hiding behind last week's takeout container - toss them on some parchment paper lined cookie sheets slathered in olive oil, sea salt followed by chicken thighs tucked within the mess any favorite seasoning blend finished in roughly an hour worth waiting deliciously cooked perfection.

Pro-tip: Choose recipes that generate leftovers so there wouldn't be repeated meals tomorrow.

Sweet Treats

Don't give up on your sweet tooth cravings! Here are some delicious dessert ideas:

  • Banana ice cream Ingredients:
  • Frozen bananas
  • Almond milk
  • Toppings of choice

Throw frozen, ripe bananas into the blender with almond milk and blend for a creamy banana sorbet, top it off with some cacao nibs/ shredded coconut or berries!

Another option could be baking apples topped with melted ghee mixed in cinnamon - it's unbelievable how delicious this combo is

Pro-tip: Try to limit added sugars-dried fruit has a lot more than we might think.

And there you have it folks, Whole30 day 13 wrapped up in fun headings- you got dis!

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