Trapped in a cycle: Can’t stop pulling out eyelashes

Do you ever catch yourself spending hours on end sitting there plucking your beautiful, luscious eyelashes? Do you feel an overwhelming urge to pull each individual lash with all the strength your tiny fingers can muster?

Trapped in a cycle: Can

Well, my friend, welcome to the club. You are not alone. Eyelash pulling is actually more common than you might think and it has its own fancy medical name- trichotillomania.

So if you find yourself compulsively plucking away at your lashes until they're either gone or super uneven, take solace in knowing that there are many others just like you.

What is Trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania is a disorder characterized by recurrent hair-pulling leading to noticeable hair loss. In simpler terms, it's when someone has irresistible urges to pull their hair out often resulting in bald patches on their head - or in our case - gaps between luscious lashes.

This disorder typically begins during adolescence but can occur at any age and affects both men and women equally.

The Cycle of Eyelash Pulling

The thing about trichotillomania is that once you start plucking away at your poor little eyelashes, it becomes increasingly difficult for anyone affected by this disorder to stop. It’s like trying to put down those chips after eating just one - nearly impossible!

The cycle of eyelash pulling goes something like this:

  1. Tension building: This stage involves increased tension followed by an overwhelming urge or sensation that burning desire within us telling us we need to pull our lashes off.
  2. Pulling: During this stage individuals give into the intense desires which making them uncontrollably tear off every single lash from their eyes even if they'd risked going blind.
  3. Relief: Immediately after ripping those beauties apart, individuals from the feelings of anxiety or tension they were experiencing.

The unfortunate bit is that this feeling of relief doesn't last long enough to be worth it as we eventually descend back into the cycle again.

What Causes Trichotillomania?

Unfortunately, while science has identified several potential factors leading to trichotillomania - nobody knows precisely what causes this disorder.

In most cases, there isn’t an underlying medical condition causing hair-pulling behavior but rather a combination of emotional and cognitive issues such as stress or anxiety. This could largely stem from environmental triggers like conflict within family relationships due to ongoing insecurities or fears about trying something new that one may not consider themselves' adequate'. It's said that generally these emotions typically lead to negative intrusive thoughts triggering them towards eyelash pulling behaviors in a desperate attempt at distraction.

Some research states it's also possible for genetic predisposition and neurological changes within the brain influencing compulsive behaviors however more evidence need further support for these assertions.

How Do You Stop Pulling Eyelashes?

While some people outgrow their urges to pick away at their lashes over time without seeking treatment- others continue struggling with its ever-reoccurring nature throughout their lifetime despite knowing how damaging it can become both physically and emotionally if let unchecked. Many have reported making significant efforts /(Such as finally erasing those comments on social media they always left out of fear for criticism; just kidding)/ only ending up worse off when they're least expecting it - catching mere sight tempting them an awkward moment later by plucking every damn lash within sight (a true nightmare).

But don't lose hope! There are many ways you can try prevent succumbing when your inner demon starts whispering temptations like: "just one pull", here are examples:

Behavioral Therapy

One alternative option includes seeing trained professionals specialized in behavioral therapy strategies tailored specific needs e.g allowing better emotional management of intrusive thoughts leading to eyelash pulling.

Reaching Out Your Social Support System

An individual facing trichotillomania meets significant comfort when surrounded by people they can rely on. /(It's common knowledge that social support networks go a long way in managing compulsive behavior / my friends). They tend to cheer you up whenever feeling unmotivated or stressed with tangible signs of care such as cooking your favorite meal or finding unique ways like personalized games weeding out the urges together and embracing healthy practices substitutional for previously developed negative behaviors.

Wearing Eyelash Extensions/Fake Lashes

Eyelash extensions are quickly becoming more popular this day - not just because they add an extra oomph to our appearance but because it may be less tempting for someone pick at fake lashes instead of natural ones.

Medical Interventions

In addition to talk-therapy exercises, medication could also help improve conditions associated with triggers provoking desires towards eye-lash pulling. Such medications are often enhancing treatments process oriented towards promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety symptoms manifested from environmental pressure both internal (personal goals and aspirations we strive for) and external (family issues between loved ones). Additionally some older procedures e.g electroconvulsive therapy(ECT) rather than drugs have shown remarkable improvements however advancements/ discoveries been making these methods obsolete over time.

In Conclusion

Living trapped in a cycle; unable stop ourselves embarrassingly resorting into habitual patterns isn't any fun even if Netflix binging is temporarily an escape route everybody needs support others around boundaries growths toward positive change exiting unwanted behavioral cycles.

For anybody going through struggles with plucking away at their gorgeous little lashers don’t get discouraged by the idea being permanently stuck within unreasonable compulsion ruining beauty everywhere all hope lost doomed eternity ultimately endless torment – remember there always potential success opportunities no expiration date prescribed entirely redirecting actions without fear of jitteriness recognizing the worth remains within every single one of us thereafter, recovery begins.

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