Traveling during 3rd month pregnancy: Is it safe?

When you first discover that you’re pregnant, your mind may go into overload. You start thinking about everything from your diet to exercise routine—even how much sleep you’re getting (or not getting). Add to all this the question of whether or not it’s safe to travel during month three of pregnancy and chances are good that you’ll be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Don't worry though, we've got all the information and advice you need on this topic.

Traveling during 3rd month pregnancy: Is it safe?

Why can’t I travel during my 3rd month of pregnancy?

The truth is, there is no medical reason why women cannot travel early in their pregnancies. However, many doctors will advise against unnecessary travels especially when they already know there are some risks for complications due to certain health conditions being present.

If your doctor has told you not to fly during your third month of pregnancy because of a specific concern such as high blood pressure or gestational diabetes, then obviously it is best for both mum and baby if those recommendations are followed.

However generally speaking most people simply feel too sick or tired earlier in their pregnancies than later which means traveling can be more uncomfortable at times. Plus with constantly needing access bathrooms more frequently than usual might also become an issue while travelling around different environments where accessibility may vary significantly from place to place

It's always best practice though just talk through any concerns about traveling timelines etc before making firm decisions either way - As one person put its “Better Safe Than Sorry”

The Pros And Cons Of Travel During Your Third Month Of Pregnancy

Given what we just covered above don't let yourself make up excuses based on false assumptions - take look at real pros v cons below:


  • Some relaxation time
  • Seeing new sights
  • Getting over sickness & fatigue
  • Happier mood


  • More susceptible illness
  • Inconvenient bathroom trips
  • Risk of complications

All the pros listed above may well make you want to start planning a getaway immediately but be aware that some downsides may also come up including potential health risks either for yourself or baby.

Stay vigilant against hygiene issues like eating uncooked foods, mosquito repellent while visiting areas where Zika virus is prevalent etc. And remember there's no harm in taking extra precautions more than usual at this time – just actively getting involved even if things feel little bit different from your usual past vacations.

Commonly Asked Pregnancy-Related Travel Questions

When it comes to any kind of travel during pregnancy there are always questions (and misconceptions) abound. Here are some of the most common questions and answers:

Can I Fly During Month 3 Of My Pregnancy?

Yes, flying is considered safe throughout pregnancy including month three - especially short-distance trips without needing further medical restrictions. However, as long as you’ve not been advised otherwise by your obstetrician all should be okay to proceed with plans!

Am I A Greater Risk For Thrombosis While Pregnant?

The answer here is yes although the risk will begin after twenty six weeks (when blood starts consolidating around uterine area)

Should I Be Concerned About Air Pressure Changes When Flying During Month 3?

No,cabin pressure changes have minimal effect on passengers in regular cases regardless of trimester however those who plan on higher altitude flights can still consult their doctor before booking such trip.

Tips for traveling during month 3?

So let’s say you’ve decided that traveling during your third month of pregnancy is right for you: what now? To help keep everything running smoothly take note below;

Dress comfortably

Picking clothing which fits roomy, comfortable and unrestricted movement helps someone stay comfortable even when stuck in confined space through periods longer than preferred ones

Avoid using/ drinking caffeine

Avoid unnecessary intake any drinks or foods that contains caffeine because their side effects can cause dehydration or upset nerves in some cases

Take regular walking/stretching breaks

If someone is sitting for long periods this allows blood to circulate and reduces swelling. It will also ease any back fatigue accumulated from exertion.

Pick a destination with good medical services

Travel somewhere where theres medical facilities are well-suited which easily reachable in case of an emergency situation arises.


As you plan to travel during month three of pregnancy, it’s important to consider all the factors. While there are no hard and fast rules about whether or not traveling during month 3 is safe (or advisable), taking appropriate measures such as checking beforehand if travelling make sense given current situations present including health status, visiting fewer Zika affected areas works wonders towards ensuring that your journey goes as smoothly and safely as possible-So just Relax & Have fun!

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