Tricks to Make Your PT Test Positive

Every soldier knows that passing the PT test is crucial for career progression in the military. Yet, it can be a daunting task, especially if you're not a fan of running or doing push-ups. Fear not, though! There are several tricks you can use to make sure your next PT test goes smoothly and ensure a positive outcome.

Tricks to Make Your PT Test Positive

1. Start Preparing Early

The key to acing your PT test is preparation! Don't wait until the last minute; start preparing for it at least six weeks in advance. Focus on building both endurance and strength since both are equally important when taking the PT test.

  • Begin with a warm-up
  • Incorporate running drills into your workouts
  • Gradually increase mileage
  • Practice good form during all exercises

2. Find A Buddy To Work Out With

Working out solo can become tedious and challenging after some time; therefore, find someone who will encourage and motivate you throughout your workout sessions. Having someone around will also prevent boredom while keeping you accountable during those lazy times.

3 . Eat Properly

Maintain steady nutrition intake before participating in any physical activity because what we put inside our bodies impact our overall performance; avoid high-sugar foods like cakes or sweets but opt-in for food with more protein like chicken breast would suffice better.

3a . Avoid Stress Eating

On days leading up to testing day try avoiding overeating due to stress from anticipation of failing the taunting challenge ahead .

3b . Hydrating is Key!

Staying hydrated during exercise plays an essential role too re hydrating yourself following dehydration caused by sweating fluids including water milk fruit smoothies etc

4 . Regulate Your Breathing Technique

You'll need plenty of oxygen pumping through your body every step/stride along the TEST/TR AMPS- Do not forget to breathe when carrying out activities– exhale on exertion and inhale lungs with fresh air.

5 . Count In multiples Of Three Like A Drill Sergeant

Breaking your thought process during the test using mathematical multiplication always helps prevent panic attacks and also enables better focus on a task at hand, consider mentally repeating soldier code of ethics while reciting multiples of three even no matter what's calculated as long desired effects are achieved.

6. Try Doing Positive Self-Talk

Effortlessly speaking kind words or affirmations can mean all the difference in staying motivated throughout an activity – telling yourself how proud you are and believing by saying that aloud repeatedly it’s almost certain energy boost will occur warranting successful overall results.

6a. Other methodologies for Self talk

  • Avoid negative self-talk
  • Use positive scripts to encourage a good mind state

7. Listen To Uplifting Music While You Prepare via Headphones

Listening to high intensity /Soca/ Afrobeat tunes have been shown to increase one's stride cadence allowing power-enhanced performance which is constantly needing refueling every once in a while.

8. Mimic The Positions And Movements Used During Exercise

Imitating movements similar or related performed by senior athletic soldiers can prove helpful anticipating ideal posture mechanism any tests require.

Exmaple Routine: Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT)

Exercise Proper Form
Push-ups Lower until chest touches ground, extended arms above all other stiffness positions.
Sit-ups Keep feet anchored hold fists under chin steady motion squat before forcefully straightening back up into upright stance.
2-mile run/jog/walk fast pace in time control manner consistently

Regardless, continue practicing even after passing because maintaining such fitness levels ensures upgrading higher ranks and opening new doors within our military forces may never appear again if neglected but remember consistency yields marginal gains.

9. Perform A Mock Test

  • Recreate the testing environment as best you can.
  • Time yourself to see how long it will take from start to finish.
  • Find out your peak hours for optimal performance by scheduling mock tests around this time frame and being consistent in sticking to that scheduled requirement.

Savings Tip:

Make use of free fitness tracking apps like Google Fit or using the mobile phone calculator paired with an actual clock they could aid in keeping efficient tasking regiment for maximum results


By adhering to these tricks, soldiers who don't enjoy PT tests will be on a fast track towards achieving their goals while also having a bit of fun along the way. Remember, consistency is key; therefore, maintaining healthy habits beyond any test ensures physical and mental well-being becomes habitual lifestyle choices apart from profession/job requirements.

Buckle up soldier! And do remember true success means maintaining optimum health status throughout adulthood - not just during active military service life – so stick with good practices even when discharged back into normal civil lifestyles.

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