Ultrasound Doctor Revealed: Which Specialist Conducts Scans?

Are you about to undergo an ultrasound scan and have no idea which type of specialist will be conducting the procedure? Fear not, my friend! In this hilarious article, we'll take a closer look at the different types of doctors who perform ultrasounds.

Ultrasound Doctor Revealed: Which Specialist Conducts Scans?

So sit back, relax and let me guide you through this maze of medical terminology. You might even learn something along the way!

What Exactly is an Ultrasound Scan?

Before we dive into identifying the doctor behind the wand, let's first understand what exactly is meant by "ultrasound". When people hear that word, they usually think of pregnant women peering lovingly at black-and-white images of their fetuses but it goes beyond just pregnancy scans.

An ultrasound scan or sonography sends high-frequency sound waves into your body tissues and detects echoes picked up from them. Using these echoes to produce images enables doctors to diagnose or monitor various conditions.

Now that we understand what it involves, let’s find out who performs it.

Who Performs Ultrasound Scans?

There are several specialists who conduct ultrasound scans; some typically specialize in certain areas requiring imaging tests while others aren't restricted to particular fields. Below are some examples:


Radiology uses radiation in diagnosis and treatment in medicine.To better handle problems related to internal medicine one would go for a radiologist for their expertise.This puts radiologists as top professionals when it comes down performing radiological exams such as CT/CAT scanning & MRI/MRA testing too! The good news is that most hospitals today have advanced equipment like 3D mammography machines with automated dose systems which means fewer radiation doses for patients undergoing such procedures.


Cardiology specializes in diagnosing disorders concerning heart-related issues.Since accurate imagery becomes pivotal at times especially during interpretation non-invasive approaches are recommended.Cardiac ultrasonography also referred to as an echocardiogram is a non-invasive technique used by cardiologists which uses ultrasonic waves to generate images of the heart muscle.

Obstetricians & Gynecologists

These practices are critical in monitoring pregnancy and reproductive health.OBGYN professionals tend to use ultrasound techniques to monitor these;Therefore,If you’re pregnant and need an imaging test, expect them!

Sonographers or Ultrasonographers

Sonographers can either be generalists who perform scans in multiple areas of specialization or even specialized sonographer/ultrasonographers who dwell on one area. Generalist sonographers would handle all kinds of people undergoing each specialist’s treatment.Therefore it's important that they train on various specializations.


Orthopedic ultrasound helps diagnose soft tissue injuries like rotator cuff tears and ligament sprains. These movement system-specializing experts usually make use of point-of-care musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound instruments during diagnostics.

Who do I see for my Ultrasound Test?

Now that you’ve seen the types of doctors who conduct ultrasounds let’s explore which doctor/professional might carry out your scan based on what part(s) have been instructed -

Body Part Specialist
Abdomen Radiologist, gastroenterologist,a surgeon's supervision might apply too
Brain / Nerves Neurologist,Radiologist
Breast Imaging Mammograms,Ultrasound machines with automated dose systems such as 3D mammography machine with low dose reduction technology ) etc. Radiologist,gynecologic oncology specialists,Ultrasonographer
Heart related concerns(Echocardiogram) Cardiologist
Muskulosceletal injury/damage assessment (Point-Of-Care(POC)) orthopeadic physicians/surgeons/Ultrasonojgraphers/unrelated field Emergency deparments
Obstetrics-pregnancy related concerns;monitoring fetus growth,completion of a term etc. Obstetrician
thyroid glands & areas around the neck (ENT) Otolaryngologist

If you're unsure which specialist can carry out your recommended ultrasound test or still having doubts after such reading.You could always check with your healthcare provider to confirm whom to approach regarding these tests.


Ultrasound scans are often used for diagnostic purposes across various fields. Therefore it’s essential to know what part of the body requires scan and consequently which specialized doctor/professional would be conducting it,having this information would help in avoiding unneeded revisions.Approach medical professionals that satisfy their area of specialization,most practices have different tiers certified professional able to perform non-invasive ultrasonic procedures comfortably.While there's no need trying hit up an orthopedist when monitoring pregnancy(even though they happen on land);get scanned by the right expert.

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