Uncovering the Mystery: Who is the Sprint Girl?

If you own a television or use social media, chances are you've seen her - a beautiful woman in a tight yellow dress, holding up her arms as if she's about to sprint towards the finish line. But who is this infamous 'Sprint Girl'? We decided to dig deep and uncover the mystery behind this viral sensation.

Uncovering the Mystery: Who is the Sprint Girl?

The Origins of Sprint Girl

It all began with an advertisement for Sprint's 4G network back in 2011.

In it, a group of people were racing against each other while using different networks until an attractive woman pops out from nowhere and beats them all by saying "This is my pretty fast." Because apparently speed comes naturally when you're hot.

That commercial was an instant hit, catapulting its star into internet meme-dom before we even knew what that word meant. Despite being credited on IMDB as just "Sprint Poster Girl", everyone started calling her "The Sprint Girl."

But real fame came later...

The Super Bowl Commercial

Fast-forward to February 2nd, 2020.

The biggest sporting event of the year aired its commercials worldwide including another one for our girl! With her bright yellow dress paired with white gloves she appeared onscreen at kick-off time exclusively declaring “Representing Endless Awesomeness!” I mean seriously? Who says that?. A phrase that will now forever be associated with not only football but also those annoying advertisements playing repeatedly during any break-time.

How did She Become so Popular?

To say it simply (but kind of confusingly), internet culture meta-ed itself because essentially...to become famous online; You have to already be famous online first (head spinning).

And thanks to two things – both really fast-internet speeds combined with our human-centric desire for beauty- irony enough propelled her name amongst society faster than Usain Bolt. We couldn't help but stare and wonder, who is she?

The Yellow Dress!

The quintessential yellow dress was the major factor of her popularity on social media

Not only did it stand out for its bright colour (no duh..!), but also because it’s a pretty summery dress that flatters all those looks thrown towards it. It's like punching someone with happiness; this outfit screams joy from every angle.

Plus, we've got to admit: few things are more mesmerizing than watching clothing material move in slow-motion when hit by a sudden burst of wind causing everyone around us to turn their heads as if they heard or saw something spooky.

Her Perfect Looks

We can’t lie about this one though... She is insanely gorgeous, with an unknockable standard of physical attractiveness!

I don't know whether I have been eating too much cake lately or my taste in women changes frequently like weather patterns.Therefore while the main appeal might be her talent for sprints, there’s no denying she wouldn’t look nearly as incredible without her well-refined grooming routine(Neither would any other mere mortal). Someone work up these fabulous genes!!

The Woman behind Sprint Girl?

So sure we knew all about the character she represented - fast internet speed covered in a tight-fitted yellow midi_dress matched with gloves so white you could swap them out for your spouse at nuptials.... But what about the woman IN THE DRESS?

Who is She?

It turns out that big part of why people kept searching 'Who is sprint girl?' after seeing commercials came down to assumption - which holds true here thank goodness!

Sprint girl was played by none other than model-actress-(aren't those two redundant?) Kali Hawk during promotions done between 2011–2012. You may cackle now : )

When asked personally by Sprint marketing she claimed having zero real-life skills in regard to racing, but who are we kidding? We already jumped on that! All that mattered was fast speeds and awesome looks. Additionally, many assumed the yellow dress-wearing sprinter on TV must have been a professional athlete or model before seeing those ads.

What Happened Since the Advertisements?

A cursory look at her IMDB profile has indicated quite an impressive list of appearances since then

Here’s some trivia; did you know - Our Sprint girl hawk starred opposite Mac Miller in his Ariana Grande-assisted hit song “The Way” video as well as alongside Anna Kendrick for a part in Pitch Perfect 1&2. This lady juggles it all!!

But sorry to disappoint you: no superhero movies....for now atleast!

The Press always Ask

"Can you still rock the yellow dress?" has probably become one of hottestly-asked questions because just like any star-sensation, they have their trajectory beginnings firmly entrenched in their style movability.

During interviews conducted posther advertisements stint Hawk states "Oh yeah!" when asked about wearing it again."I can honestly say I don't know where it is...I would wear it again if someone gets me one—hopefully under better lighting conditions."


So there you have it folks; from viral meme-dom to out of sight Kali hawk may not be running around looking for good network signals anymore after answering our question which thankfully wasn’t lost among conspiracy theorists over time.. Or fashion reviews.

By embracing this internet culture trend with contributions galore coalesced towards confirming her iconic status twenty years down line via 'Where are they now' segments or magazine features... Who knows?

One thing's for sure, though. Just like your first ever cell phone- experience unforgettable moments never-forgettable moments-Kudos Sprint Girl!

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