Understanding Infant Gaviscon: Soothing Your Baby’s Reflux

Babies cry. That is a fact of life. But what happens when your baby doesn't just cry but screams uncontrollably for hours on end? The answer could be infant reflux. If you think this may be the case, don't fret! There are options out there to help soothe your little one and get them back to being their happy (and quiet) selves. One possible solution is using Infant Gaviscon.

Understanding Infant Gaviscon: Soothing Your Baby

What Is Infant Reflux?

Okay, let's talk about why your baby might be screaming all day long- Bless their tiny souls, they really can drive us insane sometimes! Acid reflux in infants occurs when food backs up from the stomach into the esophagus causing discomfort or pain for your little munchkin- It isn’t very pleasant! A little bit of acid travelling upward every now and then is normal since babies’ digestive systems are still developing- but it becomes more concerning once symptoms start leading towards 'GERD'.

When discussing GERD with medical professionals that work with infants, keep in mind that they usually will refer to “reflux medication” rather than 'GERD' alone/medications; This allows health care professionals to explore further while taking certain social factors into account too like whether parents co-sleeping habits or car seat use could also contribute/exacerbate symptoms of GERD. Essentially though - GERD describes more frequent reflux episodes so severe it begins damaging the food pipe -- ouch!

Typical Symptoms Of Acid Reflux In Babies:

  • Spitting Up
  • Coughing
  • Arching While Feeding
  • Agitation & Discomfort Exhibited During and After Feedings
  • Chronic Fussiness & Persistent Crying

Don't worry if you notice any (or all!) of these particular issues surfacing because as we mentioned earlier, there are treatments available to help alleviate the discomfort and pain often associated with Infant Reflux. One of these options is Infant Gaviscon.

What Is Infant Gaviscon And How Does It Work?

Infant Gaviscon is a treatment option that comes in a powder form you mix with water, which creates a gel-like substance/smoothie.. Yum? This concoction works by helping thicken your baby's stomach contents, making it less likely for them to have acid reflux incidents. It can also soothe existing mild symptoms giving lovely relief to both parent/guardian & infant!

As an added bonus- If your child does suffer from excessive vomiting straight after feedings (emesis), this medication will stiffen the consistency of ejected vomit meaning it’ll be less harsh when trying not spilling on carpet/wherever they choose that day!

It’s important to remember that toxic chemical preparations don’t usually work well in little tummies- but Infant Gav applies pure antacid-Sometimes, if any answer seems too good to be true we say run away as fast as possible --buuuuut using Infant Gaviscon really ISN'T one of those rare cases - Just trust us !

While Acid Blockers exist in other forms like Zantac / Omeprazole etc., sometimes just simply thickening up formula/breast milk can do wonders (especially initially) without subjecting our babies' developing bodies or organs to strong medicines known for their potential unfavorable side effects.

When used correctly under medical professionals instruction your little bundle won't absorb too much aluminum present within the medication nor become reliant upon use while working towards leading symptom-free life as soon at all possible! You may hear people express concern about Aluminum toxicity and how what effect this could cause down road- however extensive independent research carried out shows no evidence suggesting negative outcomes would arise FOR peds patients taking 'Infant Gav' from any degree of aluminum absorption levels that correspond with usual usage.

Many caregivers have noticed the ease in which their child transitions between suckling and swallowing halfway through feedings, leading to a much calmer baby. Thickening infant nutrition not only helps alleviate symptoms providing sweet sweet relief for both care provider & baby alike but also offers an potential improvement in nutritional uptake since infants tend to take down smaller volumes at each feeding attempt when feeling uncomfortable.

Now That We've Had The Lowdown On Infant Reflux- What Symptoms Should Lead You Towards Considering Using Infant Gaviscon In Your Little Ones Feeding Schedule?

As always - When it comes to our littlest ones we want to be certain that everything is alright; but let's face it- there are so many things happening simultaneously in your babies developement during those first few months/years alive, worrying about every possible symptom could start taking over our lives (we care!).. Consider using these cues instead as safe signals observing if gav might provide benefit :

Spitting Up: While occasional spitting up is normal, if you notice frequent occurrences followed by chronic fussiness after feeds then Infant Gaviscon offering tailored fast-action calming effect may prove useful!

Ever try burping an angry toddler? It can be tricky enough just trying to get them comfortable! For your little one who doesn't yet possess all of capability themselves this medication has been reported constantly aiding maximum effectiveness when offered before realizing another frustrating mealtime occurrence less frequently occurring

Your Child Seems Uncomfortable During or After Meals: While it’s tough seeing kiddos experiencing pain during meals even tougher task may have become soothing them afterwards-- Amusing oneself while having life dictated by screaming 'genealynn'- how do they possess such octave range?! If this is familiar with you consider reaching out towards Mylicon substitute like BabyGavvy

When included within your usual routine, improvement in appetite, reduced fussiness will begin noticeable quickly as well as overall calming effect extended to smaller feeding occurrences throughout each day

Chronic Fussiness/Persistent Crying: Lots of babies cry. That's a given -- relentless crying should not be considered 'normal' though..and it sucks! If you find nothing helps cease endless tears becoming your new daily theme song, Start considering if infant gaviscon could offer chance on giving both child/parent more restful evenings- Yes please!

Sometimes we forget that listening and following ideas from health professionals can alleviate much of what stresses us out for no reason - Afterall they know best with experience dealing with so many fellow parents/guardians just like us & being able to provide Gav in squeeze packets WITH minimised preservatives ( They do exist!) means convenience benefit is ultimately all ours!!

Imagine the rewarding feeling of spending quality time bonding/present w/baby rather than wishing for bedtime. Using Infant Gaviscon may bring that peace back into your life.

When Is Infant Gaviscon Not Appropriate?

Although Infant Gaviscon has been shown effective at treating most symptoms associated with reflux there are still occasions when this particular brand isn't suitable or recommended. Hence proper guidance has always been recommended before settling for any treatment option which might impact our loved ones health further.

Here Are Some Instances Where You Should NOT Use Infant Gaviscon:

Usage Restrains :

  1. If you’ve been advised by healthcare professional against its usage;
  2. Baby is six months or older
  3. If baby suffers severely lifelong problems related towards kidney function/kidney failure)


If baby possesses an allergy or feels regular intolerance towards potassium | sodium alginate contents present within medication-- which although rare mannerisms have been reported.. It’s always worth triple/quadruple checking any related allergens prior to proceeding with medication/supplements because -- Quite simply nobody wants that kind of stress especially when it can be avoided.

Discomfort / Alarming Symptoms Continue To Worsen Over Time:

If you discover symptoms worsening despite including Infant Gaviscon within the regimen or start experiencing NEW/unfamiliar signs other treatments may require implementation/ further medical advice as underlying issue could have shifted.

This is definitely one occasion where we need not delay seeking opinion from professional care available who can assess & evaluate progressing treatment procedure towards a solution that benefits everyone involved rather than solely trying soothing initial discomfort alone.

How Do You Prepare And Administer Infant Gaviscon?

The good thing about Infant Gaviscon is its easy prep and convenience in using- there's nothing better for exhausted parents who just want to make life easier! Here’s how:


  1. Dissolve the contents of one sachet into around ten milliliters/parts room temp water - Squish any lumps (nobody likes those globs whilst feeding)
  2. Stir well and leave for two papers(omg did I mean minutes?)- Let formulation settle; Bottle should thicken gradually sure enough(You can check instruction leaflet).

Tough job done, now let's turn attention onto administering your mixture if infant gav recommendation has been issued by pediatric physician!


While administering this medication won't include braving dark crypt delivering potion upto aforementioned 'whailing warrior' surprisingly preparation/usage itself doesn't yield too much scariness either! Nor does it become interrupting feedings once routine establishes smoothly!

Follow these guidelines:

Firstly : Offer usual milk/feed amount preferential to child Secondly : Give 1 red-purple (sometimes brown) shaded spoonful OR following physicians’ prescription, regularly-but always sticking to their recommendation. Thirdly : Ensure baby swallows spoonful before you give remainder of bottle OR food typically offered.

Many people have found this medication helps (Click Here for Amazon Reviews) alleviate a lot of the issues they have been encountering, providing sweet relief to both parents and babies alike. It is important to note however that like all treatments, Baby Gaviscon may not work for everyone- so do double check with doctor when unsure about another helpful option.!####

Important Takeaways:

  • Infant reflux is caused when acid from the stomach flows back up into the esophagus causing discomfort or pain
  • Infant Gaviscon works by thickening your baby's stomach contents and soothing existing symptoms
  • This medication can be very effective at reducing symptoms associated with reflux, but it should only be used under medical supervision!
  • Be sure to check if recommended dosage requires your infant formula consistency adjusting slightly!
  • Talk through any concerns or queries related towards preparation administration proccesses w/doctor/specialist

Infant Gav isn't a cure-all treatment/diagnosis supplement yet has proven success in overcoming problematic initial interruptions made arising from suspected (+confirmed) gastroesophageal-related disorders baby frequently experiences. So NO need get overly anxious -- Nothing beats care provider attentively gleaning over methods best suited & specialized regime ensuring promotion of optimal health/mental well-being pathways available when necessity arises! Your own little one will thank you later..maybe once able speak themselves..MAYBE 😉

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