Understanding Uterine Fluid: Is It Normal or a Cause for Concern?

Listen up, ladies! We're here to talk about uterine fluid. Don't worry; we'll keep it PG. We know the words "uterus" and "fluid" might not be your favorite, but trust us – this is important information to have.

Understanding Uterine Fluid: Is It Normal or a Cause for Concern?

Before you start freaking out, let's clarify what uterine fluid actually is. The uterus produces a small amount of fluid, which helps keep the vagina moist and makes sex more comfortable.

In some cases, though, there can be an excess amount of uterine fluid. This could indicate something as simple as ovulation or something more serious like an infection. So without further ado,

Here are some things to look out for:


Let's face it: vaginas don't exactly smell like roses on their own (no matter how much you want them to). However, if your uterine fluid has a strong odor that doesn't seem normal or smells fishy or funky at all hours, then that could be a sign of an infection.


If your discharge has always been white, yellowish-consistent color with no clumps present in it- Great job! That’s perfectly normal.

But if suddenly the shade looks greener than Australian currency or pinkier than Samantha from Sex And The City when she was smitten by her lover Richard(ahem ahem)--> then Houston we've got a problem because those colors aren’t considered within acceptable limits!


Uterine fluids’ consistency sits right between sticky molasses and runny maple syrup for most people − kinda like honey.(At least I imagine so)

However once raw egg yolk instead appears- that's definitely NOT ok! If ever you see chunks/clumps joined together floating around loosely ? Err...that too - Call your nearest gynaecologist - ASAP!

So now that we've got the "What to Look For" part down, let's talk about some potential causes:


The rollercoaster of hormones and emotions: ovulation. When this happens, you may have an increase in uterine fluid that coincides with a higher sex drive (heyooo). If it smells normal and doesn't have any crazy colors or consistency changes– no worries! It's just your body doing its thing.

Sexually Transmitted Infections(STI)

This is going to be sensitive one..surprise surprise(yawn)

Chlamydia,Gonorrhea, Herpes: Oh my! STIs can alter the color, smell(whew),and texture of your uterine fluid. The best way to rule these out? Get tested regularly if you're sexually active with multiple partners...which brings us to our next point.

Multiple Partners

Sleeping around(IICR:In-case curious readers)....with multiple people puts you at a greater risk for STIs, which are among the main culprits behind abnormal uterine fluid. If this sounds like you?(OPStipple:A bit judgemental right?), consider getting tested sooner than later.

Yeast Infection

Ah,the classic-yeast infection.Symptoms elevated UTI discomfort,nasty odours,yeast-y scent,no-fun itching. And other symptoms may disrupt anyone without sounding like potty humour-especially intercourse.Ease them- See Doctor!

Okay, but what should I do if I notice something off?

First things first – don't panic! It could be something as simple as overactive hormones during ovulation. But of course ,your instincts will know when to question more alarming signals .

If there are ANY doubts whatsoever(totally understandable!), contact your gynaecologist. They can provide medical advice and help determine if something is amiss.

In Conclusion

Overall, uterine fluid doesn't have to stay shrouded in mystery like a Bond villian. A healthy vagina(minus the red carpet of blood every month)is an amazing thing! So let's take care of hers by being aware of our own feminine health(but do it right ladies- no Dr Google-ing!)

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