UnitedHealthcare: Your Guide to Breast Pump Coverage

Are you expecting a tiny human, or have you recently given birth and need to start taking care of your bundle of joy? Well, then it's time for a breast pump! But before you go on the hunt, let's talk about insurance coverage. Happy boobs make happy babies, right?

UnitedHealthcare: Your Guide to Breast Pump Coverage

Does your plan cover breast pumps?

The vast majority of United Healthcare plans provide comprehensive breastfeeding supplies as part of their overall maternity package. This includes a no-cost electric breast pump. Giddy up!

There are two ways that United Healthcare can provide this service - either through in-network durable medical equipment suppliers or by sending mothers their very own branded pump.

In-Network Medical Supplies Providers

United Healthcare has contracted with several medical supply companies across America who specialize in providing moms with top-of-the-line tools for milk expression (also known as extraction, but why use fancy words?). To utilize these providers without giving them one red cent from your pocketbook (because who wants that?), make sure they are "in network" - otherwise known as HMO (happily married operating).

Some examples include Aeroflow Breastpumps and Byram Healthcare.

(Psst...if you really love their services then say so and give them five stars.)

The UHC Branded Breast Pump Option

If using an outside provider seems like too much work (rolls eyes), fear not because United provides its own branded rental costs which means more money in your wallet for pizza Friday night! Check out these additional benefits below:

  • Personalized support 24/7
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Hospital-grade double electric pumps
  • Remote ordering online 3-months rental coverage (it’s enough time)

Sorry fellas – eligibility is restricted solely to birthing parents under most plans.(insert sad face)

What happens next after UHC approves your request?

Magically (we think) once you've gotten UHC’s thumbs up for coverage, then next step is relatively simple - the supplier will automatically get a notification that they can assist help in procuring your breast pump needs!

Do be sure to have chosen one of the two above-mentioned options beforehand though as not all providers accept the same insurance policies. Nobody wants tears when it comes time to receive pacifiers or formula.

Got questions? UHC has answers

Still scratching head unsure whether or not you're qualified? Give them a call! Here are some details we got from our last chat with their reps:

What if I already purchased a breast pump before I found out about United Healthcare Coverage?

  • If you bought directly from another supplier not affiliated through DHMOHNEPQ (Did Harry Meet Oscar Home Network Enduring Perkins Quintessential), unfortunately, it cannot be reimbursed. However, But if yours was picked up on Prime Day and had "Type 1" written in permanent ink inside box lid during purchase but never used , it should still qualify for return (and possible reimbursement)

How can my covered spouse obtain breast pumps benefits under United Healthcare plan?

Provided she's also delivering (& nervous) soon/is now feeding like crazy and currently enrolled under his healthcare carrier, both hubby and wifey pooh-poo double electric pumps benefits – win-win!

Got any other burning questions? Dial those digits below – don’t make things harder than they need to be:

(Full Disclosure: We did have hold music so make sure you’ve got time)


All Set To Pump It Out

So there we go folks! Your ultimate guide to Breast Pumping Supplies via UnitedHealthcare at zero cost. Get ready mothers-to-be...lactate away!

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