Unleash the Cuteness: What Size Are Build a Bear Clothes?

Are you tired of dressing up your teddy bears in clothes that do not fit? Look no further! In this article, we will unleash the cuteness by answering one question - what size are Build a Bear clothes?

Unleash the Cuteness: What Size Are Build a Bear Clothes?


As humans, we come in different sizes and shapes. The same goes for our furry friends. Each bear has its own unique size depending on their breed and brand. With many options available, it can be overwhelming to find clothing that fits just right.

How to Measure Your Teddy Bear

Before we dive into the different sizes of Build a Bear clothes, let's first discuss how to measure your teddy bear properly. Make sure you have a flexible tape measure before proceeding with these steps:

  1. Lay your teddy bear on its back
  2. Measure from its nose to the tip of its tail
  3. Next, measure from one end paw across to another end paw

Knowing these measurements will help determine which size clothing would best fit your teddy bear.

Different Sizes of Build A Bear Clothes

Small plush (12 inches)

If you have a small plush toy that measures around 12 inches then congratulations! You’ve hit the jackpot since all BABW outfits should ideally fit this adorable little guy or girl!

Medium plush (16 inches)

The second-most-popular-sized stuffed animal in people’s houses might very well be sitting somewhere between those dimensions ranging anywhere from 14"-18". So if you've got yourself either mini college mascot or My Little Pony™ at home needs new threads ready for dress-up time then grab any medium sized outfit online or off-the-shelf without hesitation.

Don’t forget when buying an outfit at least is matched properly –plaid partnered with argyle could make even ugly dolls appear hideously mismatched!

Large Plush (22 Inches)

If your teddy bear measures approximately 22 inches, you have a large plush. BABW sells outfits that fit this size of stuffed animal including seasonal attire, superhero costumes and PJs. With different styles available to personalize your teddy bear’s wardrobe for every occasion!

Other Brands Compatible with Build A Bear Clothes

Do not worry if your teddy bear is not from the Build-A-Bear Workshop franchise since other brands compatible with its clothes still existin in the market.

Ty Inc.

Ty Inc., known for making Beanie Babies®, has produced licensed clothing just right for between fourteen to eighteen-inch animals specifically meant to fit their popular Beanie Baby line as well as general stuffed bears.

Disney Stores

Disney Store's branded merchandise fits 17-19 inch toys perfectly, so dress up any character like Mickey Mouse or Buzz Lightyear today! They even offer some limited edition fancy dresses like Tiana's gown matched well with accessories online or at their physical store back home too–rightly priced starting from $12!


Now that we’ve answered the question “What Size are Build A Bear Clothes?” don’t be afraid to expand beyond outfitting just one brand. Now that it becomes crystal-clear how unique sizes among different teddies may face fitting issues often, feel free occasionally turn creative regardless where these furry friends came from -they all could benefit from wearing designer threads à la fashionista satisfaction but remember always choose matching colors and designs otherwise risk clashing painfully eye-tabbing combinations lik bright pink camo pants under fuzzy suede purple vest/ jacket.. which better off avoided somehow :wink:.

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