Unleashing Freedom: How to Not Want a Baby

Babies are cute and all, but they also come with a whole ton of responsibility. The sleepless nights, the dirty diapers, the constant feeding - it's enough to make even the most maternal women shudder in horror. Plus, let's not forget the financial burden that comes along with raising a child. If you're thinking about having a baby but would rather spend your time sipping on piña coladas instead of changing diapers, then keep reading.

Unleashing Freedom: How to Not Want a Baby

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • How Society Pressures Women into Having Babies
  • Friends and Family
  • Cultural Norms
  • Biased Medical Professionals
  • The Benefits of Not Having Children
  • Financial Stability
  • Creative Freedom
  • Time for Travel
  • Ways to Curb Your Baby Cravings
  • Get an IUD or Birth Control Implant
    • Mirena is Gold Standard Pill for Taming Ovaries
    • Nexplanon Takes it up A Knotch
    • ParaGuard Keeps Cupid’s Arrow at Bay
      - ">| Method | Pros | Cons | >|-------|------| >| Mirena | Long term (5 years), Lower periods & cramps | May cause cysts/cramping/spotting | >| Nexplanon ] | In-arm option/hormonal birth control/Most effective method currently available / [ More headaches & mood swings which can affect libido | >| Paraguard | Hormone free/Long Term (10+years) |/ Heavier bleeding & more painful cramps


If you're looking to avoid any possible slip-ups when it comes to contraceptives,getting an IUD or birth control implant might be the way to go. These long-term options can last anywhere from 3-10 years and don't require daily attention like other forms of birth control.


The Mirena IUD is a hormonal option that lasts up to 5 years. It's known for reducing periods and cramps, which is already a huge win in our book. However, it has been known to cause cysts, cramping, and spotting as side effects.

Another Subheading

If you're looking for the most effective method currently available,the Nexplanon implant takes it up a notch by offering hormone-based protection that lasts for 3 years with no user error risk. However,it’s not all sunshine and butterflies since more headaches & mood swings may ensue causing libido problems.

Yet Another One!

Alternatively,you could try using Paraguard, which provides hormone-free contraception that lasts up to 10+years;that's a decade worth of freedom right there! Unfortunately,the downside is heavier bleeding and more painful cramps.

How Society Pressures Women into Having Babies

As much as we'd love every woman to make her own choices without influence from society,the truth of the matter remains that societal norms often times end up dictating women’s decisions when it comes having children.There are several factors involved here:

Friends and Family

It seems like we’re constantly bombarded with questions from well-meaning friends or family members: "When are you going to have kids?" or "Don't wait too long!"

In reality,such comments only apply pressure on individuals who might not even want children.At some point,a statement or question made regarding babies would lead someone else through invoking their analytic senses –determining whether said child was necessary inventory,based upon their needs,wants,and lifestyle.They’d also weigh out if they were ready at this moment to bring a child into the world.

Cultural Norms

Our culture and media love to romanticize the idea of the "traditional" nuclear family unit with two white picket fence kids,A strong,military embodied male bread winner partner, & a lady who will do everything in her power to nurture&keep house. This standard representation can leave you feeling somewhat defunct when you don't meet this expectation. It's time for society/culture norms to be updated! And for everyone out there;you're perfect just the way you are!

Biased Medical Professionals

Of all places,the place where one might assume impartiality is most rigid in terms of providing medical advice tends not,it turns out,to be.While it’s easy enough to roll your eyes at an uncle whose stance on vaccination appears carried over from his days protesting fluoride or engaging any gal pursuing doctoral education -a doctor should provide factual details rather than biased opinions.It’s necessary that doctors present all options open-ranging stories as well as presenting success rates of couples having tried different routes towards relationship happiness(i.e childbearing).

The Benefits of Not Having Children

Okay,enough with why things feel so backwards right now.Let's look at some reasons why having children isn't all it's cracked up to be.

  • Financial Stability

Raising a baby comes with its own unique set of bills.According to Investopedia,a middle-income couple would spend approximately 233,610 dollars raising their child until age 18.That could go into buying mortgage-free homes!

  • Creative Freedom

Having kids means less personal space-time is prioritized more and obligations tend towards keeping house,taking care of mini people etc.But what if writing books,furthering careers or starting new business ventures was more important?A completely different life path devoid of constraints lay bare before you without any judgement calls attached.

  • Time for Travel

Have dreams about seeing the Eiffel Tower or exploring South America?When raising kids,it’s an all-encompassing responsibility and comes with a lot of strings attached,monetarily and energy-wise.Traveling before you have kids virtually eliminates having to account for school schedules,kids needing supervision or carving out time specifically just for them,etc.Shortly put -the world is your oyster!

Ways to Curb Your Baby Cravings

Now that we've established the perks of being kid-free,what are some ways you can make sure those "baby crazy" feelings stay at bay?

Get an IUD or Birth Control Implant

We’ve already discussed this as our top birth control option but it’s worth reiterating again. Love the feeling knowing 100% protection comes from not remembering if you took your pill/patch/prescription on time.

Mirena is Gold Standard Pill for taming ovaries

This fantastic long-term hormonal birth control reduces periods and cramps making life more manageable.Unlike traditional options like condoms which require planning ahead,this one doesn’t stray from its designated course once correctly positioned for up-to five years! Just be aware though that there may be risks associated with side effects such as cysts/cramping/spotting so getting regular check-ups done is important.

Nexplanon Takes it up A Knotch

So,the implant goes in your arm removing any concerns about user error since no input on timing needs maintenance whatsoever.With three year coverage ,this hormone-based contraception guarantees baby-free zone unconditionally.After insertion however,mood swings & headaches could happen leaving libido problems trickling behind afterwards.

ParaGuard Keeps Cupid's Arrow at Bay

If hormonal birth control isn't quite what you're looking for,you could opt instead to get Paraguard,the hormone free contraceptive device.This can provide up to 10+years of protection without chemicals weighing down your emotional state.However, simply be aware of heavier bleeding and more painful cramps as potential side effects.


To conclude,this article is meant to provide you with a look into the many freedoms one has when deciding not to have children. While there are certainly societal pressures in place that can make this decision difficult,it’s important for individuals to press on regardless based on their personal factors and thoughts.They should take control over their own bodies,future,be ambivalent enough to listen to themselves and consider any rational argument against having children that pops up.Most importantly however, everyone should live freely,carefree without judgement or being weighed down by external influences.Thank you for reading!

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