Unlocking Fertility: How Cervix Feels Before Ovulation

Are you tired of trying to figure out when the best time is to conceive, but end up feeling like you're playing a guessing game? Have no fear! In this article, we will be discussing how to unlock your fertility by understanding how your cervix feels before ovulation.

Unlocking Fertility: How Cervix Feels Before Ovulation

The Basics of Your Cervix

Before we dive into the details about how your cervix feels during ovulation, let's go over some basics. Firstly, what exactly is your cervix? Well ladies and gentlemen (yes gentlemen can read this too), it's the lower part of your uterus that connects to your vagina (Yes I said vagina).

The shape and texture of the cervical opening changes throughout each menstrual cycle depending on hormone levels. It can be likened to a donut that opens slightly at certain times during menstruation in order for sperm cells or menstrual blood pass through. Pretty cool huh?

What Is Ovulation And Why Should You Care?

Ovulation occurs when an egg gets released from one of your ovaries and begins its journey down into the great cave known as Fallopian tubes with hopes it meets up with fruitful sperm cell along its way- together creating new life!

But why should you care about ovulating if conception isn't in immediate plans? Keep reading my lovely friends because knowing when you are ovulating is actually very important for general health reasons. Knowing whether or not you are fertile/ovulating at any given month can aid in identifying underlying reproductive issues such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), thyroid abnormalities among others which could impact fertility long-term.

Long story short-there’s more than meets the eye behind tracking&understanding our cervix!

How Your Cervix Changes Throughout Each Cycle :Preamble

Each month after menstruating starts again, ovarian hormones induce changes within the body that increase inflammation and blood supply to help follicles develop. Am sure those sound like big words right? Basically your uterus prepares for potential baby-carrying (despite whether or not this is happening) by making it easier for spermatozoa in semen reach the egg via enlarging its cervical opening + increasing production of mucus.

What Does It Mean For Me?

Cervical mucus consistency, amount and color can change throughout each cycle- from sticky, thick discharge that blocks penetrative sperms especially when ovulation isn’t close enough to an easily flowing slippery liquid resembling raw egg white just about prior ovulation. Additionally time frame between period cycles varies from woman to woman but on average lengthens and even out as age advances -fertility also varies with aging 🙁

The Different Cervix Positions-During Your Cycle

During your menstrual cycle, your cervix undergoes different positions.&'Just where are these positions you may ask?’ Well here they are:

1. Low & Hard Cervix Position

As early as menstruation begins,your cervix tends to drop lower within the vagina while becoming firmer-texture-wise too.This position remains so while bleeding continues!

2.Medium & Soft

Between two phases . i.e., after periods have stopped but before any signs of fertile ovulating sets in.Cervical texture switches to being slightly softer than previously-hardened texture; stiffness wanes 'some'.

3.High & Open Wide

This happens if/when releasing a matured follicle aka Egg from one's ovaries opens up fallopian tubes can cause slight painful sensation-SOMETIMES. At this point, cervical position becomes gradually higher inside vaginacan become accessible through movements involving ’The Sponge Move’ there u go ladies I gave u tips already.. don't be worried….

Unlocking Fertility: How Cervix Feels Before Ovulation :Preamble

We've gotten through the basics of your cervix, ovulation and its importance. Now let's get into some juicy details about how to unlock your fertility by understanding how your cervix feels before ovulation (drumroll please).

Softening Of The Cervix

As mentioned earlier, one sign that indicates you may be approaching fertile window in which an egg is or will soon be released from ovaries is usually the cervical texture softens when touched.Note-->signs vary with each person so dont go jumping for joy just yet until proper diagnoses has been done...carry on!

High & Open Wide

During this time, there’s a slight increase in blood supply going to cervix.This causes it to swell up,double it size whilst slightly pushing towards vaginal opening while becoming more receptive.Openness allows easy sperm movement for conception - Amazing right?

### Change In Mucus Consistency Just prior or following high pointing at possible Imminent release of Egg.There would normally have been an upsurge in amount&volume (think Raw egg-whites) real slippery fluid .This type of mucus helps sperm make their way into fallopian tubes where they can meet with waiting eggs!

Positioning Can Vary And So Does Fertile Window

Although Cervical positioning can vary depending on individual woman- these positions changes are actually quite consistent alongside other symptoms like mood swings,bloating etc indicating You're most fertile within the vicinity of 2days leading upto day of release,(Check out ‘’Period Tracker App'' if needed).

Reminder here- Timing matters! Conduct sex every-other-day during phase leading upto event termed Ovulatory Period.(when releasing matured follice aka Egg from ovaries).

Additional Tips On Unlocking Your Fertility

If you’re trying to conceive, don’t rely solely on cervical changes as the only way to know when ovulation is happening. It’s always best paired with other methods such as basal body temperature (BBT) charting and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) testing.

Another thing to note is that it's not recommended for those trying out fertility-based contraception like Natural Cycles because of its innacuracy in predicting fertile period against potential pregnancy.

Finally With all these notes,remember every woman is unique -don't compare yourself or try matching up with others during this journey. Also Enjoy yourselves while at it 😉 Good Luck!!


Understanding how your cervix feels before ovulation can be a useful tool in unlocking your fertility. From softening texture,to increased openness combined with presence of mucus, till high placement within vagina you have learned about everything necessary.While monitoring some symptoms related on app/calenders&coupling same observing general health,in case any underlying issues are present.Have fun while hopping aboard baby-zone,because timing really does matter!

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