Unlocking the Hollister Jeans Mystery: Sizes Explained!

Are you tired of trying on countless pairs of Hollister jeans only to end up frustrated and confused? Fear not, for we have cracked the code and are here to help you understand Hollister's sizing system once and for all.

Unlocking the Hollister Jeans Mystery: Sizes Explained!

The Skinny on Hollister's Skinny Jeans

First things first - let's talk about skinny jeans. With so many variations in style, it can be difficult to determine which size will provide the perfect fit. However, with Hollister, their ‘skinny’ design is created from stretch denim that ranges from 98-99% cotton with a small amount of elastane or spandex thrown in for comfort.

If you're looking for more wiggle room around the waist area, opt for a higher rise pair such as 'The Deepest Straight Fit' available during seasonal stock updates.

Getting Your Waist in Line

Now let’s go over buying guide appropriate best sizes that cater both teenagers and adults as well :

Size Waist (in)
00 22
0 23
1 24
S(Short)/3 25
R/5 26
M7/L9/Tall11/34x36 27

Take note our sizes differ slightly from most brands due because Hollister has targeted American teenage girls age group unlike other US brands counted towards adult women.

When measuring your waist at home don’t rely solely on being able tighten your belt— take out your trusty measuring tape instead! Wrap it around your natural waistline while ensuring you breath normally. Aim to keep snug but comfortable enough hold two fingers underneath.

To Cuff Or Not To Cuff?

One trend that never seems to die down is cuffing your jeans. That being said, how does this affect the fit and size? When in doubt, size up. When cuffing you risk pulling at the seams of your jeans which could leave it impossible to turn back into skinny jeans.

Going Straight

Straight legged pants are quickly becoming a popular trend for those seeking a more relaxed feel. Another alluring option comes from their ‘loose-fit’ category if pairing these pants for casual daytime events or running errands

If you searching Hollister straight-leg fits that offers comfort yet fit like an office standard check out 'The Athletic - Tapered Leg' as well as 'Slim Straight Leg'.

Size Waist (in)
38 29
M 30-32
L 33

Fun fact: Loose denim construction fitted with tailored-like waistbands are also perfect style changeover options made out of quality fabrics that evolve over time wonderfully.

So What's The Deal With Rise?

'Rise" refers to where the waistband sits on your body or inches between your crotch and topmost buttons near belly button level ?Generally speaking,' low-rise' means it'll sit around two inches below while mid-rise will barely cover your navel implying sufficient fabric measures required when stitching together.

When choosing rise types decide based on torso length proportionate what suits best overall appearance wise. For instance "His Hipster Skinny Jeans” combined alongside “Retro Boyfriend Jeans”

Jazz Up Your Life with Extras

Nothing compliments ripped jean aesthetic better than rips accessories plastered all-over! A complimentary belt slip-on further highlighted classic metallic designs ultimately adding individuality creating perfect outfit piece for drawing attention.

So fret not dear readers, we hope our guide has helped you navigate through the mysterious world of Hollister sizing. With the right tools and a little bit of know-how, you'll be rocking those skinny jeans like a pro!

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