Unlocking the Mystery: What Time Does the Priesthood Session Start?

Are you ready to receive life-changing insights and guidance from our Heavenly Father? As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we know that General Conference is one event we look forward to every six months. And as for priesthood holders, there's an exclusive session just for us! But what time does the priesthood session start? Let's dive in and solve this mystery.

Unlocking the Mystery: What Time Does the Priesthood Session Start?

History 101

Before we answer that burning question, let's go back in history (because who doesn't love some good old-fashioned history lessons?). Did you know the first-ever General Conference was held on June 9th, 1830? It wasn't until four years later when Joseph Smith organized a conference that established priesthood offices. Since then, general conferences have been conducted twice a year on weekends during April and October.

The Means of Transmission

We don't want to sound like pessimists but let's face it - technology can fail us sometimes. So before checking out online channels on where to get updates about the priesthood session schedule (which isn’t technically necessary because it’s always at night-time anyways), read along with other options below:

In-person Attendance

One option is that your ward/branch (depending on which congregation you belong to) may organize transportation or provide instructions for traveling safely to attend in person at your stake center or church building.

Home Viewing Options

Another way would be through watching live via devices such as televisions or computers by tuning into relevant broadcast channels if they're available in your country (just ask dear Google)!

Internet Livestream

For members all over the world, lds.org offers free internet livestream coverage throughout each day and sessions will also be replayed afterward so those delayed viewers could still catch up without feeling left behind!

Be In The Know

Back to our main topic – when does the priesthood session start? Be sure to take note of these important details:

General Schedule

The general conference starts on the first Saturday in April or October with two sessions, each spanning about 2 hours. Then continues on Sunday for a morning and afternoon session.

Priesthood Session Details

Fellow male members who have been granted Holy Priesthood authority are invited to attend the exclusive priesthood session, which occurs during one of the conference days at night! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Night Shift

General Conference schedules can be jam-packed even without additional side meetings or activities. You might want to free up your schedule since we’re talking about staying late here!

Official Start Time

Broadcast usually begins at 7pm (not taking Daylight Saving in account) with pre-shows scheduled just before it where they showcase musical numbers and feature members’ faith-changing accounts so don't miss that!

Bonus Tidbits

Before we end this piece, here's some bonus trivia worth noting:

  • In times previous, there was no set date for hosting conference sessions.
  • By 1906, translated messages were made available making conferences accessible globally!
  • Between approximately 1870 and World War II era (1939), multiple sessions could span four days depending on how many speakers addressed congregations.
  • Priests wearing temple robes perform sacred rituals that are only presented within this meeting as well.

So whenever you may find yourself being curious about what time does the priesthood session start – remember that attending every moment leading up-to it is also part of experiencing its fullness (just not earlier than scheduled though)! We hope this article has helped demystify some questions surrounding such an eventful church gathering!

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