Unlocking the Truth: Is Piercing Pagoda Legit or a Scam?

Have you ever found yourself asking, "Is this too good to be true?" While shopping at Piercing Pagoda? It's okay, we've all been there. With their affordable prices and extensive selection of jewelry and ear piercing services, it can be hard not to question whether they're actually legit or just a scam. Well, fear no more! We have conducted our own investigation into the matter and are ready to present the facts. Buckle up and get ready for some enlightenment.

Unlocking the Truth: Is Piercing Pagoda Legit or a Scam?

The History of Piercing Pagoda

Before jumping into any accusations about legitimacy, let's take a look at where this company came from. According to their website (yes, they do have one), Piercing Pagoda was founded in 1969 by two individuals named Bernard and Bertha Cohen in Pennsylvania. The original location began as nothing more than an ear-piercing kiosk inside Whitehall Mall but quickly expanded over time with successful business practices that included offering free ear piercings when you purchased earrings from them.

Since then, they have grown exponentially to over 800 locations nationwide with an emphasis on offering high-quality jewelry at an affordable price—outstanding customer support is also one of their top priorities (supposedly). On paper it checks out pretty well so far; however...

What Customers Think About Them

Anytime I'm unsure about a product/service/company/brand/etc., I always turn to its customers' opinions first because who better to trust than those who've already experienced it firsthand? So what exactly do people think about Piercing Pagoda?

Overall ratings range from neutral – with many people being satisfied with products – while others report quality issues/a poor return policy:

  • “I had my cartilage pierced here once years ago; my little sister wanted hers done today - took her over basically on whimsy. For the love of all things good don't waste your time. Quality and their returns are shocking. Good for like a one-time wear maybe, is about it.”
  • “I have bought quite a few items from Piercing Pagoda in various states over the years, as well as had multiple piercings done at their stores. I have never been disappointed with my purchases or piercing experiences.”
  • “My little sister wanted to get another piercing — so we came here first this go-around because I remember them being decent back in the day.… Well fast forward to now and holy cow... Everything feels cheap/low quality.”

Some reviewers mention that they only got off quickly however sometimes items lacked durability:

  • "I'm giving 4 stars just based on the fact that these earrings come on easy-to-use plastic posts! They're perfect for toddlers who want to help put in their own earrings."
  • "...Only con is they do not last long but at $7 you cant beat it"

Overall, reviews seem mixed.

The Warranty

Okay, let's talk about this warranty situation. According to Piercing Pagoda's website (yes, again), all purchases come with either what they call a "lifetime jewelry protection plan" or a "5-year jewelry protection plan". Seems legit enough right? Here are some of the details:

Lifetime Jewelry Protection Plan

This applies to any purchase made by customers while enrolled so no matter how long ago something was purchased—this covers repairs such broken clasp/latch replacement free of charge:

"The lifetime protection coverage protects against: -tarnishing -breakage -loss of diamonds & gemstones -bending/denting"

Five-Year Jewelry Protection Plan

Also pretty straightforward: covers any damage besides loss or mysterious disappearance

“...We will offer an exchange or full refund.”(seemingly)

Sounds great! However…

Here’s What We Found Out About The Warranty:

When we checked further into the details of their warranty, things weren't as great as they first appeared. Many customers reported difficulty receiving refunds or replacements for broken/damaged jewelry, even though their purchase was within the warranty plan period.

One customer reported:

"...the items arrived without any problem However after wearing one earring twice, it came apart and I was not able to obtain a full refund."

And another:

"Bought gold earrings online [and] ... broke almost immediately ...tried contacting customer service left 2 messages no response so had to return them at my own expense"

Is It A Scam?

Okay now let's get down to what you really want to know—are they legit or just a scam? Well, based on our research and digging deep enough into Piercing Pagoda in recent years—research on surveys conducted by independent third-party websites/reporters—we have concluded that there is no evidence proving this company is fraudulent/a scam.

However good these ratings may be according to others/customers—you shouldn't forget those mixed reviews above from other articles/Google reviews/etc. which mentioned issues with quality (items falling apart), difficult returns/refunds, defective products/outcomes etc.

While Piercing Pagoda's ratings are far from perfect overall if consumers like/dislike aspects of the experience then their willingness or lack thereof can impact how loyal satisfied customers remain when returning/if choosing them again etc., so consider purchaser experiences when making your choices!

To summarize — it seems greyer than black-and-white altogether…. but at least this should give some clear guidance when deciding if you want pierced ears!

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