Unpacking Mild Anemia: Symptoms and Diagnosis

Have you ever felt tired for no apparent reason? Is it difficult to stay awake during the day? Are you constantly craving ice or dirt (pica)? If so, you may have mild anemia. Not to worry, friend! In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about mild anemia symptoms and diagnosis.

Unpacking Mild Anemia: Symptoms and Diagnosis

What is Anemia?

Anemia occurs when your body lacks red blood cells (RBCs) or hemoglobin (Hb). RBCs carry oxygen throughout your body, and Hb helps bind oxygen to the RBCs. Without enough of either, your organs don't get enough oxygen. This causes fatigue, shortness of breath, low energy levels - essentially feeling like a sloth on a lazy Sunday afternoon all day long.

There are different types of anemia that affect individuals differently depending on their lifestyle choices or underlying health conditions such as:

  • Iron-deficiency anemia: Poor nutrition condition that usually results from inadequate dietary intake (vegans/vegetarians attest).
  • Sickle cell anemia: A genetic condition where RBC's have malformed shapes(looks like half-moon) instead of circular.
  • Aplastic anemia: Characterized by disordered immune response which attacks bone marrows reducing production capacity
  • Pernicious/B12 deficiency anaemias: Lack absorption & assimilation vitamin B12 essential in Red Blood Cell formation(Big thanks here go out especially if you're a vegan)

Therefore it’s important whenever a case is presented without any clear medical history always seek medical advice around investigations(laboratory workup would be preferred), assessments(visible changes) plus making sure accurate treatment pathways are followed up accordingly

The Symptoms

People with mild painless mood swings don’t think much about visiting healthcare centres 😒 because they associate going there with feeling worse than already suffering from the symptoms. Hence it’s key to understand mild anemia signs before it accelerates further.

  • Low energy levels: This is one of the common symptoms for all types of anaemia characterised by tiredness and laziness even after taking long hours of rest.
  • Pale complexion: Due to decreased oxygen supply, skin can often look pale and lose color particularly around lips or pickety wicks
  • Shortness of breath:''' Feeling out-of-breath while performing routine activities such as climbing up stairs, walking a small distance when outside
  • Lack Concentration & Coordination Are you always left behind during group work? You may experience lack good judgment capability and your movements be sluggish sometimes seems like having neon shoes on their feet dragging down body's ability to do anything productive
  • Rapid Heartbeat & Dizziness: Irregular rhythm with racing heartbeat probably indicating a cardiovascular system overload that manifests itself through unexplained dizziness


Doctors diagnose anemia in several ways; however, labs are needed (venous blood taken) this rule holds same whether your arm looks reddish(bloated) or not🙅

The most popular tests include:

Hemoglobin Level Tests

This test is pretty much done where they assess blood components in samples collected via venepuncture method inclusive but non conclusive -mean cell volume(MCV) for distinguishing between B12 deficiency and Iron deficiency 😐(where MCVs>100 usually B12 deficient). There will be occasionally other biomarkers attributed namely Total Red Blood Cell Count(TCR), Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin(MCHC).

### CBC Test

Complete blood count is typically performed along with hemoglobin level tests. While latter shows levels CC counts CBC used to identify ghostly looking(shrivelled) RBC's morphologically interpreted hence easily aiding discovery different forms under microscope all clearly visible.

Bone Marrow Test

If symptoms persist even after above tests then Ultimate x-ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) or Ultrasound to ensure there are no other underlying issues is required.


Here you have it - everything you need to know about mild anemia symptoms and diagnosis. Although its light 😅 which makes people overlook seeking medical attention it's still important to recognize these signs before they get worse instead of feeling a dull lazy natured slug who can't do anything productive rather than napping the day away. Remember, if your iron levels are low or red blood cell counts(Hb) off due to also heavy menstrual cycles hitting😆 seek medical assistance with potential nutritional adjustments advised so that you'll feel energized again in no time!

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