Unquenchable: Why Drinking Water Makes Me Feel Sick

Do you ever drink water and feel like your body is rejecting it? Do you try to hydrate but end up feeling more dehydrated than thirsty? If so, then you are not alone. This mysterious condition affects millions of people around the world. In this article, we will explore the causes of this bizarre phenomenon and what can be done about it.

Unquenchable: Why Drinking Water Makes Me Feel Sick

A Quenched Thirst: The Basic Principle

Water is essential for life; we all know that. But what happens when our bodies refuse to accept water? To understand why drinking a liquid as fundamental as water makes some people feel sick, we have to take a closer look at how hydration works.

The basic principle behind quenching thirst revolves around the balance between fluid intake and output from our bodies. When we don't drink enough water or fluids - whether through urination or sweating - our body becomes dehydrated, leading us to crave even more liquid.

This craving mechanism in the brain tells us when it's time to replenish those liquids lost during both physical activity and daily bodily functions.

But what if that drive mechanism were broken down like an old transmission in need of repair?

Excessive Thirstiness Gone Wild!

Imagine having dry mouth regularly while living near an oasis with fresh potable brimmingly available drinking stream surfaces on every corner without hesitation towards their consumption! It sounds insane doesn't it?

However, there are certain instances where individuals genuinely experience an aversion toward their work-of-life blood (AKA) normal/ordinary tap/household filtered well-spring nourishment (specifically H2O) with no sound explanation!!

It sounds almost unimaginable right...almost!!

So before freaking out, let's examine common reasons one could experience nausea/coyness towards consumption of H2O:

  • Overhydration: drinking too much water could cause the stomach to feel overfull, leading to a nauseous feeling.

  • Mineral sensitivity: Drinking tap water can sometimes mean consuming high levels of minerals like copper or iron. This scenario often causes indigestion.

  • Sensitivity/allergy to plastic: A small number of individuals exhibit an allergy/sensitivity towards materials used in recyclable bottles hence developing mild diarrheal after regularly drinking from them.

The Solution Question

Some get by with quenching their thirst via other beverages without any issues so that gives us only one solution:

what alternative adequately replaces what we are lacking and doing away with traditional substitutes?!

The following are some practical tips:

  1. Rather than pouring yourself a tall glass/jug/ bottleful all at once, consider sipping on it throughout the day rather than setting specific intervals you need more hydrating periods.

  2. Try out bubbly soda styled water; 8 times out of ten reason being fizz makes your mindset shun reminiscing straight-plate H20 which until further notice is currently giving you nausea (or coyness.)

  3. Introduce fruits into your diet as sources for hydration and vitamin alternatives; peaches(50%), oranges/tangerines(87%), Strawberries/Watermelon/Pineapples/Kiwi/Raspberries approximately up 90% contributions fluids reachable through consuming these options alone/their juice dilutions.

  4. Lastly, reduce caffeine consumption during more sensitive time-to-day hours i.e., consider swishing coffee/warm tea while withholding caffiene indulgence till midday hours when individual matabolsm has ample time-adjustment chances unlike early awakening hours!

Lastly!!! - Remember even though there appear no conventional reasoning behind Hydration "Quickerickening," there exist numerous unconventional remedies constantly running amok- try implementing (Jokingly suggestion below)

  • Drink soaked grass.

  • Medicine remedies like Pepto-bismol, nausea medicine or prescribed Chinese bitters tea?

Closing Thoughts:

H2O remains a crucial element in maintaining an individual's physiological homeostasis. No matter the amount of control that we have over our bodies, it comes to plenty relief citing H20 influence on digestion and metabolism efficiency amongst others when looking at its essentiality.

If you encounter hydration quirks(coyness) upon consumption of plain tap/filtered/transient/bottled water one can sift through this article's detailed causes leading to innate H20 Aversion along with easy-to-implement solutions creating ripples in effect supporting optimal daily routines- enabling individuals relieve Hydration "Quirckening" symptoms during those long workout sessions conducted outdoor on scorching days.

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