Unraveling Paul: Discovering the Meaning Behind the Name

Have you ever met a Paul that just didn't seem like a "Paul"? Have you ever wondered where this name even comes from? Look no further, because we're going to delve deep into the origins of this common moniker and uncover its hidden meanings.

Unraveling Paul: Discovering the Meaning Behind the Name

Who is Paul?

Before we dive into the etymology of "Paul", let's get to know some famous people who share this name. There's Saint Paul, one of the most influential figures in Christianity. Then there's musician and poet Paul Simon, whose songwriting has captivated audiences for decades. And who could forget about former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, known for his iconic voice and bass playing skills.

The Etymology of "Paul"

Believe it or not, but "Paul" actually means small or humble in Latin. This may come as a surprise when considering some of the larger-than-life personalities that bear this name (cough Kanye West cough).

The origin story behind this name dates back to biblical times when Saul was traveling on his way to Damascus before encountering Jesus in a blinding light. Following his divine intervention, Saul converted to Christianity and became known as Saint Paul - spreading religious teachings across Europe.

Fun fact: Saint Paul actually went by several other names throughout his life including Saul (his birth name), Tarsus (the city where he grew up), and even Benjamite (a reference to his tribe). It wasn't until well after his conversion that he started referring to himself as "Paul".

A Popular Name with Many Variations

According to statistics gathered by ancestry.com, "Paul" was ranked 220th out of 1 million surnames recorded between 1840-1920 making it quite popular within Western culture (sorry North West).

Since human beings love to put their own spin on things, it's no surprise that there are several variations of this name including Pablo(Spanish), Paolo (Italian), and even Polycarp (Greek) which means "much fruit" - a reference to spiritual gifts.

Pauls in Popular Culture

From literature to film, Paul has made his mark as an unforgettable character. Take George Orwell's "1984" where protagonist Winston Smith works at the Ministry of Truth alongside fellow employee Paul. Or how about J.D Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye", where leads us through Holden Caulfield's tumultuous journey as he meets friend-turned-pimp Rufus and classmate Joe Yale who presents himself with hot shot confidence only to reveal deep insecurity when challenged by Yossarian-Doc Daneeka type prankster/theater actor/comedian turned Utopian thinker named PAUL Krum.(Long live Terry Vance!)

In recent years we've seen a surge of pop culture icons bearing this name making waves both on and off-screen. Showtime gave audiences "Shameless'" character Frank Gallagher portrayed hilariously by William H Macy: “I’m not Frank altogether without shame," quipped unruly Frank–the most alcoholic father ever written on American television arguably—-beckoning towards Paul Abbott.’s hit TV show after stealing from grocery stores or scamming local markets while high/drunk out-of-his-mind.In Reese Witherspoon’s next romantic comedic flopper films,Paul Rudd, John C Reilly appear — proving once again why having any one with that name is always comedy gold!

Naming Babies? Consider These Factors...

Naming a child can feel like an enormous responsibility – I mean, you're saddling them with something they'll carry for their entire lives! If you're considering naming your little bundle of joy something along the lines of "Paul", there are a few things you might want to consider:

  • The reputation of the name
  • Popularity within your social circle
  • What nicknames they may acquire (Polly, Pauly)
  • Whether or not it pairs well with your last name (imagine being named Paul Wall...tough break.)

A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a "Paul"

So, you want to be a "Paul"? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Be humble – after all, that's what the name means.
  2. Consider converting to Christianity – if Saint Paul is any indication, this could pay off in unexpected ways.
  3. Develop a love of music – perhaps even learn how to play an instrument like Paul McCartney
  4. Practice self-promotion and become larger than life - everybody loves someone who stands out

If all else fails—-- just legally change your name!


"Paul" may seem like a simple enough moniker but as we've discovered there's much more depth hidden beneath its surface layer. With such diverse representations ranging from St.Paul-the Christian teacher himself around which half of world revolves via chaste representation throughout lives; musical genius McCartney whose melodic bass lines still evoke joy today; Hollywood stars cracking jokes left and right yet always having room for heart&intellect-(unlike Gastby)–the power resides solely with whoever wears this timeless name.

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