Unveiling the Daily Vitamin C Requirement for Women

Ladies, are you feeling a bit run down lately? Do you feel like your immune system is playing hide and seek with germs and struggling to find them? If you're looking for ways to boost your immunity, clearly eating an orange or two (or even a punnet!) per day could not be further from the truth.

Unveiling the Daily Vitamin C Requirement for Women

Fear not! We've done our research- your daily dose of vitamin C won’t only erradicate any incoming illnesses but it will also leave you glowing like a cartoon character ☀️. Read on and discover all about how much vitamin C you really need to go through life's little problems effortlessly ????️!

What Is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an essential nutrient that plays numerous functions in your body ????. From aiding your skin health ????‍♀️,to promoting proper brain function ????- the stuff does it ALL ⚒️!. It’s crucial we include enough of this juicy goodness in our diets to stay healthy.

Why Do You Need Vitamin C?

As just mentioned above(: Exploring paragraph), vitamin C has multiple uses that impact several areas of our bodies - making it important for maintaining good overall health❤️ .From keeping our immune system ticking over nicely???? , helping wounds heal more quickly ???? , reducing premature aging ???? and even preventing chronic disease - who knew one tiny molecule did so much!?

And whilst some animals can actually produce their own version of this glorious antioxident???? us humans however~ cannot ???? meaning we’re totally reliant on ingesting foods with high levels instead➕✅.

How Much Vitamin-C do women need per day?

This might take the wind outta ya sails but there isn't ~really~ one definitive answer when asking how much vitamin C women require ????‍♀️. It is true that we have a higher requirement for this nutrient, but actual needs may differ depending on various factors suh as age or medical history ????.

General Recommendations

According to the recommended daily allowance table given by NIH (National Institute of Health), it is suggested that ladies over 19 +  years should aim towards consuming no less than 75mg????. Pregnant and lactating mothers do however need to increase their daily dose with an addtional extra intake of up to 120 milligrams (mg) each day????????.

What Happens When You’re Deficient In Vitamin-C?

One might think, ‘what’s the big deal?’ if I don’t consume enough vitamin c- after all& which foods are jam packed full!. But our craniums^ run into a number of issues when suffering from deprivation! Give these examples below a quick scan:

  • Poor immune system function
  • Dry skin and hair loss????
  • Experiencing muscle weakess

And whilst severe deficiencies in this area are rare,lack of sufficient amounts consumed can lead us down quite the path ????.

Best Sources Of Vitamin C For Women

Let's look at some sources for incorporating this vitamic C goodness into your regimen smirk

  1. Gimme Some Citrus!

It comes as no surprise, but citruses like oranges????and grapefruit deliver rich doses of good ol’ fashioned vitamin C goodness! - One medium-sized orange contains about ~70mg~ - Half-a-grapefruit has just under 50 !

2.Sunflower Seeds: If you're one of those people whose snacking habits involve indulging in sunflower seeds why not give yourself back-pats because they happen be excellent source for getting yo'self anywhere between 16% and 30 % of recommended daily Vitamin C.

  1. Broccoli: The filling green beans???? that always tasted funny when you were younger do indeed pack quite the punch- boasting about 80mg per 100g serving (~107 % RDI). Try steaming or combining with another stirfry combo to make it tastierrr ????

  2. Green Chillies????! Some like it hot, don't they? ???? If this is you, then munch on a chilli as each packs around ~109mg of vitamin C~ in just one medium-sized variety!

5.Kale: Kales ability to provide vitamins and minerals is so SO impressive; containing between 120 mg -180 milligrams per hundred grams depending on how much water content it has⭐!. It goes without saying ladies, we are going to incorporate Kale into EVERYTHING NOW✍️.

Final Thoughts

Ladies, In this mad world where staying healthy feels like counting pennies for rainy day reserves - Our research from above suggests just a little bit of planning added to our routines could take us the distance ???? !So stock up on all things orange-y ???? , red-hot & leafygreen ????for an extra boost throughout your day!

Now go out there-and get your happy doses!

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