Unveiling The Reasons Behind Stillbirth at 37 Weeks

Do you know someone who has experienced stillbirth at 37 weeks? It's an absolutely heartbreaking situation that no one deserves to go through. Unfortunately, it happens more often than we'd like to acknowledge.

Unveiling The Reasons Behind Stillbirth at 37 Weeks

In this article, we'll explore some of the potential reasons behind stillbirths at 37 weeks. Although we can't always pinpoint what causes a particular instance, understanding some possible factors may help prevent future occurrences.

What is Stillbirth?

Before examining the reasons why someone might experience a stillborn baby at 37 weeks, let's first define what exactly it means.

Stillbirth is defined as a fetal death after twenty or more weeks of gestation. In other words, if someone loses their baby before they reach twenty weeks of pregnancy, it's technically considered a miscarriage rather than a stillborn birth.

Most people don't think about fetal deaths unless it directly affects them or their family members; however,still - becoming aware and educated on the subject could potentially save lives in the future.

Possible Reasons for Stillbirth:

Umbilical Cord Abnormalities

Sometimes stillborn births are caused by problems with the umbilical cord which connects mother and child.Recent studies suggest over fifty percent of total reported cases were due to umbilical cord accidents.

The most common cause related to this tragic occurrence are -

  • Nuchal Cord - When your Baby’s neck becomes wrapped by umbilical chord inhibiting its blood flow
  • Umbilical Prolapse – Where Chord falls into vaginal canal
  • Velamentous insertion- when unblical forks spread out through placenta end up tearing eventually

It may be worth noting that later term abortions termed 'late termination' actually occur when these conditions pose any threat either to Child or Mother .

Pre-eclampsia and High Blood Pressure:

Pre-eclampsia is a condition that affects some pregnant women, characterized by high blood pressure and damage to organs. Though it can generally occur after 20 weeks of pregnancy , the chances increase markedly in the last month or trimester before delivery.http://maternalcare360.com/ Research have also shown traces of this major cause amongst other similar causes such as placental abruptions; amniotic fluid disorders etc with more than half being diagnosed postmortem.

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Maternal Factors

While almost always related to health issues among mothers, there are many things that may go wrong for mother which subsequently leads to fetal distress resulting from erratic oxygen and nutritional deprivation ultimately leading up till still birth. Some possible risk factors could be:

  • Diabetes can cause various adverse effects on Baby’s heart along with retaining excessive fluids eventually pushing forward labor . Alongside unregulated sugar levels leaving babies too large during pregnancies signifying trouble whilst delivering without C-sections.

  • Advanced Age making conception later elongates duration over each Pregnancy exposing Mothers And Babies To Health Complications; therefore inducing higher instance percentages at still births.


Pregnant women need take adequate care ensuring they don't catch infections because having even small viruses causing respiratory problems may prove detrimental enough affecting supplying food and oxygen while removing waste vital for Child’s thriving tissues elsewhere.However,having any viral infection exacerbating surrounding environment usually leave child still-born.

These lethal infections include :

-Cytomegalovirus (CMV)- infectious virus profiting by entering human body asymptomatically troubling mainly central nervous system with aborted fetus after serving its purpose

-Rubella virus- Pregnancies in contact hand-to-hand close proximity leaves both visible lasting damages

Placenta Problems

The placenta provides nutrients and oxygen to your growing baby, plays a crucial role in fetal development. Any anomaly with Placenta will invariably lead to problems affecting the growth of Baby .

  • Placenta Previa - This happens when it partially or completely covers the cervical opening behind every pregnant mother’s uterus usually leading to Caesarean section

  • Placental Abruption- Where placed rups off its lining igniting intense bleeding ultimately causing Death

Being cautious and careful during is extremely important within pregnancy as an error committed could have extremely eminent repercussions on child development.


While stillbirths are always tragic , identifying associated factors early enough can play a major role in preventing future occurrences. Information garnered from professional counseling can be leveraged alongwith proper care to handle such cases cautiously allowing for effective resolutions benefiting mothers/babies more effectively. It's our responsibility to gather correct information that not only educates us about potential symptoms but also helps us make informed decisions concerning our health.

In many cases,still prevalent misconceptions stemming from insufficient knowledge showcasing no signs whatsoever end up manifesting terribly.

Therefore learnings derived from research/unbiased studies should never be overlooked by any means necessary!

If you’re currently going through any difficulty coping over such experiences surround yourself around supporting family/friends eventually getting specialist expertise fast hoping just enough till good news starts trickling in again !

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