Up in Smoke: Debunking the Myth of Smoking to Prevent Pregnancy

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; today we are going to talk about a burning topic that has puzzled generations. The idea that smoking before or after intercourse will prevent pregnancy is as laughable as it sounds. We know what you're thinking, "Who in their right mind would believe such nonsense?" Well, apparently many people do! So light up your cigarettes (just kidding, don't actually do that), sip on some tea -or whiskey No judgment here- and allow us to debunk this myth.

Up in Smoke: Debunking the Myth of Smoking to Prevent Pregnancy

The Backstory

It's hard to pin down where exactly this myth originated from. Some say it was an old wives' tale passed down through generations while others believe it was propagated by men who didn't want the responsibility of fatherhood.

Regardless of its origin story, the gist of the rumor is pretty straightforward: smoke enough tobacco either before / during or after sexual contact, and you'll avoid pregnancy like a charm.

Why Smoking Isn't Effective for Pregnancy Prevention

Now let’s look at why there seems no science behind this theory.

Tobacco Doesn’t Kill Off Sperm

One of the main reasons why "smoking kills babies" isn't just a scare tactic put out there by anti-smoking advocates—there's scientific evidence supporting how harmful smoking can be—are because chemicals found in cigarettes kill sperm cells." Sounds logical enough when you’re eight months pregnant with morning sickness all day long staring at an ashtray full Marlboro Reds but not so much scientifically speaking. In fact tobaccos have been known since ancient times for their unbelievable fertilization enhancing properties, which might explain why some cultures even had customs involving having newly married couples chew tobacco leaves before crossing into Matrimony land —but I digress.

Tobacco contains nicotine alongside other toxins that enter our bodies during inhalation. While these compounds can affect both male and female fertility, nicotine (and any other toxin) does not specifically target or kill off sperm cells alone.

Smoking May Increase Fertility

Yes, that's right! Just like we mentioned earlier about tobacco having ancient usage for increasing fertility rates. Watch out fellas because the ladies may take over this one too -haha-. Anyway, some studies have shown that smoking may actually improve a woman's chances of getting pregnant by making their bodies more receptive to conception. Now before you go ahead lighting up that Blue Ribbon Filtered smoke which Grandpa keeps reminding you of all through family reunions - You know, "Back in my day" type of fodder your best bet is pure focused scientific approach

According to American Pregnancy Association smoking deactivates ovarian function leading to malfunctioning hormone synthesis at its core. Malfunctioning hormones play games above and beyond sports rather than just during mating season craziness (Is it me or do all hormones seem at peak mode whenever love life comes into play? Pun intended.) More on this as we move further.

The Dangers Of Smoking During Pregnancy

It goes without saying but TO make the article contextually coherent let's remind ourselves why smoking while pregnant might cause health issues with a bulleted list:

  • Nicotine constricts blood vessels supplying oxygen-rich blood to the fetus causing developmental complications.
  • An increased risk of miscarriage.
  • Infants born from smoking mothers tend to develop lung problems soon after delivery.


To wrap it up like a gift for your new niece/nephew whether smoking before /during/after intercourse could lead couples not wanting pregnancy astray has no grounds whatsoever cause it isn't backed by science except maybe some old metaphorical references . One thing I'm sure even though the jury remains undecided, there are enough reasons why expectant parents shouldn’t be indulged in tobacco consumptions let alone smoking. In fact, for ladies out whotrying conceive quitting smoking may increase the chance of fertility as it regulates hormonal functionality which is vital to creating healthy reproductive systems. So when Grandma next tries telling you "Smoking can prevent a pregnancy", Just smile and nod thinking back to this article’s name - Up in Smoke!

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