Vertigo and Pregnancy: Are they Connected?

If you're experiencing spinning sensations, balance problems or dizziness during pregnancy, there's a chance that you might be having vertigo. But is it just a coincidence or is there more to it than meets the eye? Here's what we found out (after days of not-so-extensive research) about vertigo and how it can affect pregnant women.

Vertigo and Pregnancy: Are they Connected?

What Is Vertigo?

Vertigo is the feeling that your surroundings are moving when they aren't. It happens because of issues in the inner ear, brainstem or cerebellum; where these organs help us maintain our balance while standing up or walking around. When one or more of them is disrupted from functioning properly, then symptoms like dizziness, nausea/vomiting and lightheadedness may occur.

But what could trigger this condition when someone is pregnant?

Hormonal Changes

Yes! The culprit responsible for making you vomit frequently after every meal could also be connected with causing sudden episodes of vertigo – hormones. Pregnant woman’s hormone levels change dramatically in their bodies such as progesterone levels increase which results in relaxation- including muscles within your inner ear nerves which contains fluid responsible for controlling balancing system .

When those parts don't have enough tension holding them stable anymore due to increased hormanes , messages sent by hairs on endolymph start getting miscalculated leading into fast movement eventually causing sensation similar to motion sickness!.

And if that isn't freaky enough for any mother-to-be already dealing with nesting instincts gone awry coupled their growing bump ; consider blood volume changes would leave even seasoned pilot dizzy behind controls .

So remember moms-to-be : pregnancy dose means much more besides morning sickness!

Other Culprits That Could Scheme Against Stabilizing Your Sense Of Balance

Hormonal imbalances are typically seen as natural culprits towards destabilization feelings but other medical reasons could relate to vertigo . Here are some other factors which might contributing;

  • Ear infections –inflammations or even excess fluid buildup in ear
  • Migraines – severe headaches known for causing dizziness and nausea
  • Blood Pressure Changes – sudden shifts in blood pressure can transpire during pregnancy

How Can Vertigo Impact Pregnancy Health?

No one wants to put her pregnancy at risk trying store up baby’s wardrobe. Vertigo, a phenomenon that most pregnant women experience often leaving them feeling dizzy on everything they do – standing, bending over, turning around etc.

But besides this disorienting sensation putting moms-at-risk of falls; studies show that there's no direct harm towards fetus with suffering from vertigobut it is still recommended after consulting health-care professionals (which is obviously always asked for)

It could be dangerous however if you're driving or operating machinery while having such an episode; but otherwise nothing worse than morning sickness comes alongside!

Treating Vertigo During Pregnancy

There’s no instant cure for vertigo attacks but treatment differs based onto roughly why the dizziness symptoms occur:

Prescription Medications

Doctors would suggest using drugs specifically used treating specific causes (example: Meclizine HCl (for Meniere Diseases only)) should more-complicated cases of Strokes are excluded as reason through prescribing alternatives when available like Chewable Dissolving Dialamine Tablets clinically tested evidenced effective against less-caused nauseatic sensations inclduing relief abdominal upset too thanks newest pills developed beyond getting-down-water-or-food-only days decades-arrrgo !.

Home Remedies

  1. Hydration : Stable hydration levels help maintaining many body functions unaffected including inner ears providing stability.

  2. Avoiding Quick Motions : While cleaning will seem enticing especially under circumstance where uncontrollable urge arises , quick off-balanced movements produce unsteady rush sensations flowing throughout our brain so better avoid sudden turns!

  3. Sleep A lot : Vertigo, just like motion sickness – can be caused or intensified by tiredness or exhaustion. Often a good night's sleep helping to subdue sensations and may even help preventing its occurrence at all.

4.Exercise regularly! While it seems counterintuitive as sweating enhances dehydration possibility it also maintains blood circulation is vital for inner-ear functioning.


In conclusion, it's not unusual for pregnant women to experience vertigo during their gestation period because of hormones causing wobbly sensations from altered inner ear fluid balance along other medical conditions including Stress-related occurences that could onset symptoms making your world spin too!

If you're experiencing this type of sensation more frequently than usual talk health-care provider soon so together they will find causes possibly culprits stopping what could potentially result in unnecessary stress during already-aggregated 9 month time-period.

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