Watch: The Ultimate Sleeping Baby Burping Technique!

Do you remember when the most important thing in your life was sleeping peacefully during the night? Well, that is no longer true. Now, it's all about making sure your little bundle of joy can have a decent sleep without waking up crying because they need to burp.

Watch: The Ultimate Sleeping Baby Burping Technique!

As any new parent knows, getting a baby to burp after feeding them can be quite challenging. Nobody wants their newborn feeling uncomfortable and suffering from gas pains while trying to snooze. But fear not tired mommies and daddies, we've got just what you need - the ultimate sleeping baby burping technique.

Why Burping Matters

Before diving into the 'how-to', let's first discuss why burping matters so much for your infants' well-being. When babies swallow air during feeding (which happens pretty often), this air can get trapped in their stomachs causing discomfort, bloating or even colic pain.

Additionally,burped babies are happier babies as they won't wake up in the middle of their sweet dreams with tummy issues – instead, they'll continue enjoying their dreams like nothing ever happened.

What You Need

To successfully implement our ultimate sleeping baby burping technique you will require:

  • A good nursing pillow
  • A comfortable chair
  • Some warm water
  • A clean towel

With these items at hand, we're ready to go!

Getting Started

Burping position is critical if you want satisfactory results! With our effective method,you'll start by positioning yourself carefully on a comfy couch or bed with feet slightly elevated using pillows under them for support.

Then place your child onto your lap facing away from you but parallel still close enough where one hand supports her chin while other lays side body holding either foot firm yet gentle.

You must ensure that his/her head leans slightly forwardto create pressure thus allowing him or her to release pent-up gas easily.

The Technique

Now that you're both in the right position, it's time for the ultimate sleeping baby burping technique!

Simply cup your hand firmly but gently on top of his/her back/side upwards and tilted slightly forwards toward floor letting gravity help things along. Then start doing light taps using fingertips as it helps dislodge any air bubbles stuck within their tiny tummies.

If after several seconds nothing comes out from your baby or restlessness persists, then try holding them upright while still supporting their chest with your arm until they've released enough gas.

When he or she begins sounding relaxed,reposition him/or onto breast/chest for a short period before placing in crib/horizontal lying down state to confirm all discomfort subsides fully away for very peaceful night/nap times.

Tips For Success

It is not always easy to master a new skill outright! That’s why we’ve put together these tips that can help ensure successful execution of this effective method:

  • Have patience as sometimes babies may take longer than expected releasing trapped gas.
  • Use soothing sounds like lullabies playing softly around room to ease tension throughout process.
  • Always remember what worked last time won’t work again necessarily (be flexible)!
  • Avoid feeding immediately when child is sleepy due if problems persist undigested food starts fermenting causing further problems.


In conclusion,the success achieved here does not happen overnight nor without proper instruction, so follow our comprehensive guide above, and you'll be on track to experiencing many quiet nights ahead while getting much-needed quality sleep!

Remember: Burping equals happier babies – don't neglect it!

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