What Comes After 24 Months? Sizing Up Your Little One!

Congratulations, your little one has reached the big milestone of turning two years old! But what comes next? How do you continue to help them grow and develop as they start becoming more independent? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are some tips on sizing up your toddler's development after 24 months.

What Comes After 24 Months? Sizing Up Your Little One!

Physical Development

Throwing Let the games begin! Two-year-olds have developed an interest in throwing everything from their favorite toy car to mom's phone (gasp!). This is a sign that their hand-eye coordination is improving.

Running Oh boy, it's time to start chasing them all over town. Running becomes second-nature to toddlers at this stage, so feel free to let them burn off some energy outside.

Jumping Toddlers love jumping but may not have quite mastered it yet. Cheer on those attempts as jumping helps build stronger muscles and promotes better balance.

Pedaling Get ready for bike rides around the neighborhood because pedaling now becomes possible for your growing toddler.

Cognitive Development

Counting No need for flashcards just yet but counting with your kiddo lets them practice numbers and introduces basic math concepts like addition and subtraction.

Simple Puzzles Head over puzzle mania station because simple puzzles upgrade into noisy fun activity that will keep little hands busy while strengthening cognitive functioning.

Memory Games Your child can now remember sequences such as colors or shapes pattern which makes memory game turn even more exciting activity when played together with parents/siblings/friends.

## Social/Emotional Milestones

Independence Two words: "I'm
into that independence phase." It is time where they want to try things without any assistance; learn how it feels by themselves (good or bad). Cheers - on letting out sounds of encouragement while still being there for them.

Sharing Toddlers are still learning how to share but trust us, other little ones appreciate it. Don't be upset if sharing isn't a natural tendency right now, just keep encouraging!

Tantrums On the downside of independence comes tantrums (yay!). These little outbursts may arise due to communication breakdowns or difficulties regulating emotions.

Communication Development

Following instructions It is time when your toddler understanding vocabulary/volume hence follows basic phrases like "Do not touch," "Come here" and so on.

Two-way conversation Your talkative toddler can have a two-way conversation with you and others around them! So listen up because this interactive communication helps strengthen language skills.

## Sleep Sleeping patterns might undergo some changes as they grow older:

Transition to bed from crib Yikes - dreaded transition day wherein transitioning into 2-year-old sleeping pattern requires one stop-hopping into their cribs mainly created for infants but again big baby belly demands more comfortable space!

Consistency in sleep schedule Get ready for less napping and consistent bedtime schedules which makes the waking process easy-peasy when trained at earlier stages


Eating Habits Welcome picky eaters club! Toddlers start developing food preferences quickly, whereby parents need to creatively sneak healthy options through favorite dishes without compromising taste buds.

Portion Control & Snacking Hobbits " Oh boy! Here come snacking hobbits munching in all-out styles. Help your toddler maintain portion control while still allowing access to grubs sufficiently throughout the day through self-feeding habits such as finger foods.

## Conclusion

Phew, that was quite an insightful rollercoaster ride-slash-guide on sizing up toddlers' development after 24 months old. Remember, toddlerhood feels like worlds flying together; one moment crying for that yucky brown-purply wet smelly banana and the other dancing with their imaginary friend. Despite days of challenges, remember to cherish moments when you get pecked on your cheek and woken up at wee hours just so they can cuddle in-between slumber.

Hang in there parents!

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