What is the Meaning of Dab? Uncovering the Popular Trend

Dabbing has become massively popular, particularly among young adults who are always looking for new ways to express themselves. If you're not familiar with what it means to dab or how to do it, then prepare yourself because we will explore that and much more in this article.

What is the Meaning of Dab? Uncovering the Popular Trend

The Birth of Dab

At its core, dabbing refers to a specific dance move that involves tucking one's head into their elbow while extending the opposite arm straight out parallel to the ground. This move reportedly originated from Atlanta and was first made famous by rap group Migos in 2013 in their hit song 'Look at My Dab'.

A Touching Tribute or a Polite Blow?

While there are many theories about what it actually signifies, no one truly knows. Some argue that it represents sneezing or coughing into your elbow so as not to spread germs during flu season. Others suggest that dabbing was inspired by smoking cannabis concentrates which would produce an intense cough resembling someone bending over and holding their chest while also covering their mouth with an arm.

The Truth About Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates can be incredibly potent forms of marijuana that have high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These products can be dangerous if you don't know how much THC they contain before trying them. Depending on where you live/they may be illegal/restricted/so caution must always be exercised when using them.

Why is Dabbing So Popular?

The reason why dabbing became such a huge trend is partly due to social media platforms like Vine & TikTok where people started sharing videos of themselves doing this dance move along with different variations such as hitting "the folks" (another viral dance craze), twerking, etc.

Another factor contributing towards its popularity could simply stem from having fun and experimenting with various dance moves that allow people to express themselves freely.

The Explosion of Popularity on Social Media

Social media has become a massive platform for the popularity of dab culture over recent years. Famous celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Odell Beckham Jr., and even Tom Brady have all been spotted dabbing at one point or another.

It is now often shown in movies, TV shows & also professional sports. In fact, it can be considered mainstream/pop-culture when used by these influential figures.

How to Dab

Dabbing is quite simple really - just follow these steps:

  1. Stand up straight
  2. Raise your right/left arm straight out in front/behind you (opposite from the leg)
  3. Tuck your head into your elbow corresponding with the raised hand.
  4. Maintain this position for three seconds while shaking or moving other parts of your body simultaneously
  5. Done! You've just performed a perfect dab!

This move may take some time to master so don't worry if you're not successful initially; practice makes perfect after all!

Different Variations of Dabbing

There are many different types of dabs variations that have emerged over time including 'the double-dab' where two people perform the same movement at once; 'dabbersize,' which combines aerobics with dancing similar to Zumba classes; finally, there's even something called "reverse dab," which involves flipping one's orientation 180 degrees and doing what could only be described as an inverted version of original move.

Regardless of how someone decides to do their own twist on this popular trend,body language experts agree that it’s a way for young adults or teenagers/former teenagers around the world to showcase individuality/freedom/independence/self-expression or simply goof-off during times when they feel free..

Other Dance Crazes Like Dabbing

In the past, other dance crazes that have swept the internet include "the macarena," "the Harlem Shake" and "Gangnam Style." So who knows what the next viral dance will be but Dabbing has certainly taken over for now!

Dangers of dabbing

While dabbing is usually safe when done correctly, it can also pose some hazards to individuals that are not familiar with how common its variants.

The Chemical Hazards Associated with Cannabis Concentrates

The primary danger comes from cannabis concentrates themselves as they contain high levels of THC which could potentially lead individuals to feel very dizzy, nauseous or even experience panic attacks.

This means you must exercise caution and start small when first trying out dabs. If too much cannabis oil is taken-in at once by new users just starting out without prior knowledge/thought understanding of their body's limitations., it can easily lead to overdoses/amplification in effects which uncomfortable/potentially dangerous/cause a lot unpleasant side-effects such as paranoia/xerostomia/headaches & lethargy.

It's important to do your research before attempting anything like this – make sure you know what you're getting into!

Where Is Dab Culture Going?

It seems probable that dab culture will remain popular for years if celebrities continue embracing it across all platforms while social media continues championing viral dance sensation sensibilities/stories/messages/memes. Some may argue though that such trends come and go swiftly therefore another 'fashionable' move/craze/news story/hilarious trend can pop up anytime rendering previous ones outdated/archaic quickly.

In conclusion, whether or not dab culture remains around for an extended period isn't essential; Still a fun-loving era moment where people get together/make memories/do things gratuitously fascinating/exciting simply because they enjoy doing them- whatever those might be otherwise.

So put on your dancing shoes and keep on dabbing!

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