What’s Percum? Dive into the Intriguing World of Precum

If you thought that the scientific world is done with all kinds of amazing discoveries, then hold on tight as we are about to take a deep dive into one of those incredible revelations - lead character: precum (also known as pre-ejaculate). For some, it might sound like some bad cocktail that they tasted at a birthday party once but rest assured my friends: it couldn't be farther from the truth! In this article, we'll cover everything there is to know about percum - its functions, benefits and anything else that ticks your fancy. So without further ado… let's get cracking!

The Lowdown on Precum

First things first- what the heck is precum? It sounds like something you'd hear in a biology lesson everyone skips but here at 'What's Percum', we believe knowledge is power and boy oh boy does percum pack quite an...uhm...punch.

So let’s break it down; when men get aroused, their penis releases fluid called "pre-ejaculate," which comes out before semen during ejaculation. Also called "pre-come" amongst other charming nicknames. Think of it as nature’s way of adding lubrication for enhanced comfort & performance for penetration (a win-win situation). This liquid originates from two tiny pea-sized glands placed around his urethra area (prostate gland & Cowper's gland) and secretes just enough moisture to dampen up his playtime even more.

The Science Behind Pre-Ejaculation Fluid

There have been plenty of misconceptions surrounding precums' function over time leading up to recent research accumulating essential facts about pecums makeup per se:

1) It helps lower PH levels: As humans tend towards acidic side pH levels wise (even if we don’t know how ninja turtles survive there after eating all that pizza) but percum on the other hand, helps reduce acidity levels in urethra-area , thus providing a stable environment for sperm to survive.

2) Keeps Sperm alive: Here's where it gets interesting - this fluid contains enzymes and proteins which keep sperms active reducing the chances of wastage in low survival-friendly pH conditions.

3) It Acts as Lubricant For Sexual Activities: Everyone who has owned their sexuality will tell you; friction is…not your best friend during sex. One reason at home intruders are stopped quite quickly likewise & coughs..(we digress). Percums' smooth texture acts like a lubrication agent to enhance bodily movement comfortability leading to more pleasurable experiences.

The Cautions Surrounding Precum

Whilst everybody can enjoy some benefits that come with precum, caution needs taking since even if they might have many advantages concerning intimacy, easy contraception isn’t one of them:

  • It carries genes: Since intercourse involves two people (usually), it stands to reasoning that percums’ contain sperms not far behind concentration wise. So yes…percums CAN cause pregnancy IF unprotected intercourse occurs during or after pre-ejaculatory fluid.

(Now don't think by ‘protected’ sex, we mean singing nursery rhymes about sunshine before proceeding...Na-aah!) Proper prevention methods like using condoms daily birth control pills etc., along with being aware (consistently)of when ovulation happens eliminate unwanted pregnancies difficulties.

  • It Might carry STIs: Precum also holds potential risk of infectivity similar to regular ejaculations resulting from contact exposure without protection. So it is recommended practice beforehand safe sexual measures discussed between partners.

The Fascinating Perks To Enjoy From Precum AKA How Men Can Benefit...(Umm..Besides Pleasure)

Previously mentioned were how there are a few benefits from a female perspective…But what's in it for the men? (Bring on some equality!)

Enhanced Fertility

For anyone desiring to become expecting parents, here’s one method that could just might do fine; Percum. While pre-ejaculate doesn't contain semen's same concentration of sperm, studies report out of ten times at least two will be fertile since percum has sperms too. In other words loads higher than rockets taking off but slightly lower than squids letting go their ink under duress.

Reduced Risk Of Urinary Tract Infections

Tired of suffering from urinary infections once every quarter with no relief in sight? Strike back against your body and use precums' antibacterial trait, which decreases bacterial risk resulting in lesser or even absence in some cases urinary tract infection occurences.

Moisturisation Benefits (Who Wants Rough Playtime?)

Precums’ texture serves as fantastic moisturizer individuals could apply by rubbing around lips and breast/nipple area before proceeding further: making erogenous zones much more ‘sensitive,' leading to increased stimulation during playtimes - Whoever said moisturising creams were restricted only towards day-to-day skincare was so wrong!

Different Ways To Incorporate Precum Usage Into Sexual Life

We all crave new experiences that spike the adrenaline rush somehow...even while stuck amidst daily life challenges neither age nor gender specific. So whilst incorporating precum usage is an active preference there ARE ways this liquid can give excitement value different kinds; how about we discuss some creativity enhancements protocols?

  • Addie-Orgasmic Lubrication Enhancer:'Addiction-enhancement' treatment oils gone viral over recent years has been developed mainly based on familiar lubricants fashion-Swiss Army Knife (a multi-use tool)

  • Big DADDY Condoms Protection: The downside of unprotected intercourse cannot be mentioned enough, so when selecting a high-quality condom that offers...satisfying perks, don't forget to opt for ones coated with precum based lubricant for increased durability and smoother transactions.

  • Ben Wa Balls Or Kegel Exercises: Affecting muscles close vicinity-wise percums' are produced which from either method can exercise or strengthen. Hence incorporating percum usage in both practices could result in significant life-changing experiences; making kegel the friend you never knew you needed before wink wink

In Summary

To summarize into one short sentence what we've learned today about weirdly interesting pre-ejaculation fluid - it serves multiple roles of lubrification and stabilization encouraging pleasurable playtimes whilst reining positive results like enhanced fertility along the way(Fertile?! Brighter skin? Sign us UP!)

Since its history defies long-existing myths with facts provided by science, caution regarding protecting oneself utilizing prevention methods needs taking seriously just like regular sex responsibilities.

So next time someone brings up whether or not they have checked their percum status beforehand (a creepy pickup line if ever there was one) at least now YOU will know more than them when defining your boundaries towards healthy safe intimate settings not involving some clumsy kid blunders (well... a couple couldn’t hurt right?)

In conclusion ladies & gentlemen, thank you for coming on this journey through (maybe TMI?) details surrounding precums’ benefits but as usual—a little knowledge never hurt anybody…in fact…it’s good fun,—isn’t it?

Signed off yours truly,


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