When Can I Try Again After D&C: Fertility FAQs

Are you considering trying to conceive after a D&C procedure? Do you have questions about when it is safe to try again, or how the procedure may affect your fertility? Look no further! This article will answer all of your burning questions and provide helpful tips for increasing your chances of conceiving post-D&C.

When Can I Try Again After D&C: Fertility FAQs

What is a D&C?

First things first, what exactly is a D&C? A dilation and curettage (D&C) is a surgical procedure in which the cervix is dilated and the uterine lining scraped. It can be performed for various reasons, including miscarriage management, treatment of abnormal bleeding, and as part of certain infertility treatments.

Fun fact: The “curettage” part of the name comes from the French word ‘curétte’ meaning scraper. Ooh la la!

When Can I Try Again?

Most women wonder when they can start trying to conceive following their D&C procedure. While there isn't an exact timeframe that applies to everyone (we're all unique snowflakes, after all) , there are some general guidelines that can help give you an idea.

Miscarriage Management

If your D&C was done due to miscarriage management, most healthcare providers recommend waiting at least one menstrual cycle before trying again. This allows time for healing both physically and emotionally (miscarrying sucks - take this time if you need it!) .

However, some research suggests that waiting longer than one cycle may actually decrease fertility rates (bummer) . So make sure to discuss timing with your provider based on individual circumstances.

Abnormal Bleeding Treatment

If your D&C was completed as treatment for abnormal bleeding (ever experienced flooding so bad Moses might re-think his parting of the seas?), you may be able to try again right away. Make sure to consult with your doctor first.

Infertility Treatments

If your D&C was part of fertility treatments like IVF, the timing will be determined by your healthcare provider based on individual plans and needs.

Improving Fertility After D&C

While there isn't a magical formula for getting pregnant (if only it were that simple) , there are some steps you can take to up your chances:

  • Track ovulation: Knowing when you're most fertile can help maximize conception chances. Use an ovulation predictor kit, basal body temperature tracking, or app like Clue.
  • Eat well: A balanced diet with plenty of fruits and veggies is key but don’t forget those carbs (have we mentioned our love for pizza?)
  • Fitness is key — aerobics, Pilates or yoga anyone?
  • Mindfulness meditation— focus on breathing in “baby thoughts” and exhaling stress
  • Avoid excessive alcohol - this means skipping out on wine nights...or at least budgeting them in strategically
  • Consider supplements such as folic acid &/or iron

Note: always talk to your healthcare provider before starting any new health regimens

Step-by-step recovery after D&C

It's crucially important to give yourself time after surgery so practice mindfulness on self-care. You need rest!

After Surgery Care

Immediately following the procedure: 1) Rest! This one’s going FIRST because it’s important! Plan at least 48 hours worth of mindless Netflix binges (we suggest The Office but Friends works too). 2) Keep someone nearby who can assist you getting around when needed Whether it is making trips for food or assisting as support while walking - having someone else around really makes a world of difference! 3) No sex (but let's face it, you won’t have the energy for that anyway) for at least two weeks-thanks to potential infection risks. 4) Avoid using tampons/future expectation or anything in your vaginal canal- Yes, this means pads will temporarily be part of our lives (we’ll have to laugh about that some other time).

Pain Management

Though any post-surgical pain is typically mild, over-the-counter medication like Tylenol can be used as needed. Always talk to your doctor if you notice more intense symptoms.

Follow-up Care

It's important to have follow-up appointments with your healthcare provider after D&C procedures! Here’s an overview:

  • 1 Week After: Most doctors will do a follow up one week later either on call or within office hours.
  • 2 Weeks Later: At this point it is recommended you stop wearing pads and introduce tampon / menstrual cup usage again. Return back with pelvic updates
  • 3 -6 Months Later: If trying-to-conceive post-procedure, consult with helpful guidance from fertility experts


A D&C can bring a lot of questions along the way (like we don't all already have enough worries) but just remember that recovery time varies person by person & situation by situation so don't stress too much. Talk through all concerns during scheduled check ups!

So when can I try again depends on the reason behind undergoing D&C procedure initially — whether it was due to miscarriage management treatment or IVF treatments. It can range anywhere between immediately and six months following healing (although wait-time-check-in doesn't hurt anyone!) . As always pay attention towards overall self-care needs such as reducing stress levels and practicing mindfulness meditation...and never underestimate how quality carbs improve mood 😉

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