When Mama Weeps: The Secret Side Effects of a Pregnant Woman’s Tears

Babies are precious gifts that bring joy to the world. They offer endless moments of laughter, love, and pride to their parents. Indeed, pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster with tears flowing endlessly from hormonal imbalances to uncontrollable weeping episodes. It may seem odd or unnecessary for an expectant mother to cry for no apparent reason, but your tears actually benefit both you and your baby beyond the obvious emotional release.

Let’s Talk Hormones

Hormones! Those pesky little organisms responsible for our erratic behavior (on top of everything else) during pregnancy. The human body is designed in such a way that hormones regulate almost all fundamental processes from digestion down through motility commands sent via neurotransmitters that prompt various functions like sleeping and wakefulness into action such as in REM sleep cycle which very few people understand until they have experienced what it feels like after a night without one.

One dominant hormone amid others during this period is estrogen whose levels fluctuate during prenatal periods increasing tenfold above normal average levels especially towards the third trimester when babies gain weight and assume proper positioning within utero i.e head-down position; (preferably facing backwards).

Another hormone worth mentioning herein is oxytocin whose production surges dramatically when mums produce tears lately discovered by scientists at Harvard University; as previously mentioned excessive emotions typically exhibited through constant crying denotes highest attainable Oxytocin surge hence indicating excess amounts secreted stand us in good stead while pregnant — boosting immunity ensuring better sleep quality promoting trust among partners enhancing maternal nutritive intents lowering postpartum risks too!

Here are some incredibly astounding revelatory reasons why you should unabashedly shed more than just those happy-sad-emotional-Overemotional times-by purposefully giving yourself permission whenever need arises:

Healthy Baby

Research has shown that crying releases a hormone called prolactin, which, when secreted during breastfeeding, nourishes your newborn baby. Furthermore, studies indicate that regular crying sessions lead to the transfer of antibodies present in tears from mom to baby through vaginal secretions increasing immunity further against future infections making delivery easier due to softening cervix pre-delivery.

Serotonin Levels Regulation

Constant mood swings before pregnancy? Not anymore! Crying regulates levels of serotonin and other endorphins which are essential for maintaining mental health and strengthening bones with added side effects such as improving bladder control preventing depression too!

You'll be amazed by the countless treasures linked with shedding some tears while beside just feeling good - this article focuses on more hidden benefits directed towards maternal and fetal corners alike:

Reduces Stress

Expectant moms who cry frequently report lower stress levels throughout their pregnancy. It also provides emotional relief from anxiety typically expected in expectant mothers leading up to childbirth.

Regular tears kicking hormonal balance back into symmetrical alignment (as well as showcasing self-compassion)! Overall less STRESS in life plus Enhanced Sleep quality thanks again mostly due my fav “Oxytocin”

Regulates Body Temperature

As you may already know — pregnant women can experience rapid body temperature changes more than anyone else; therefore they face challenges regulating internal temperatures often leading extreme heat fluctuations both day-night-time every trimester only worsens situation!!!

Cry no more… literally! Shedding those salty granules helps bring down these overwhelming high-body temperatures leading discomfort wasted energy chills/ hot flush after wave upon wave until finally relaxing into homeostasis regardless environmental conditions faced outside comforts abode or office cubicle etc

In conclusion,Mom’s tears have several amazing & surprising benefits which go beyond just expressing emotions feel-good factor making us laugh even brighter inside: healthier babies smarter more balanced less anxiety little mood swings, better self-regulation stronger bonds with our partners and healthy sleep quality.

Now when Mom cries we know it’s not just the hormones. It's a perfectly healthy action that releases stress and keeps two lives perpetually happy!

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