When to Vaccinate: Varicella and Your Baby

If you're a new parent, congratulations! You have now embarked on the journey of sleepless nights and changing diapers. But as much as it feels like your baby is indestructible, they are susceptible to illnesses just like any other human being. That's why vaccines are essential for protecting them from potentially harmful diseases, including varicella or chickenpox.

When to Vaccinate: Varicella and Your Baby

Here's everything you need to know about when to vaccinate your baby against varicella.

What is Varicella?

Varicella, commonly known as chickenpox, is a viral infection. It causes an itchy rash that turns into blisters all over your body which can be excruciatingly annoying (yes I said annoying because let's face it - itching those red spots only makes it worse). Chickenpox is highly contagious; hence its spread in daycare centres and school classrooms.

The Importance of Vaccination

There are many reasons why parents should consider vaccinating their babies against varicella:

  • Protection: A vaccinated child has significantly fewer chances of contracting chickenpox.
  • Preventable Disease: With vaccination being readily available for children today, there doesn't seem to be any logical reason not to protect your little one from this easily preventable disease.
  • Safety concerns: While some might argue that getting infected with chickenpox helps build stronger immunity system later in life (waiting until adulthood does this trick too), having high fever for days (not normal 38ºC but more like "why-do-I-feel-like-I'm-on-fire" hotness) will make you want nothing more than just crawling under covers watching Netflix instead so why would anyone want that for their baby who has already been through several hellish birth canal squeezing hours?
  • Contagiousness: Newborns aren’t able to get vaccinated before six months old, so you need to provide them with enough protection until they are old enough to get vaccinated. This means keeping an eye out for flu-like symptoms, especially if there is anyone in the household who has chickenpox - this virus can be spread without a person realizing it!

When Should Your Baby Get Vaccinated?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), babies should receive their first dose of varicella vaccine between 12 and 15 months old (which is probably around the same time when your baby starts running away from you because of nap time).

The second dose is given when children are between four and six years old (when mommy or daddy promises a surprise if they behave themselves at the doctor’s office). In some cases, healthcare providers may recommend waitlisting administering both doses at once.

If your child did not receive all recommended vaccinations as per schedule, do not panic (this will just make everyone more anxious which one thing we don’t want around our little ones). You can still catch up on these missed vaccines by doing what's called 'catch-up' vaccination programs supervised by pediatricians advised by relevant agencies specific for each country.

Who Cannot Receive Varicella Vaccine?

While most children can safely receive varicella vaccines without any problems, there exist specific groups that cannot:

  • Pregnant women
  • Anyone living with weakened immune systems such as people undergoing chemotherapy treatment
  • Individuals who have had allergic reactions following past immunizations

How Effective is The Vaccine Against Chickenpox?

More than ninety percent of recipients receiving two-dose regimen achieve immunity against chickenpox completely. However, despite taking two vaccinations recommended on schedule your baby might still catch chickenpox albeit less severe form requiring less invasive treatments!

Therefore regular checkup sessions with pediatrician would help keeping tabson everything related to kids’ health issues - especially catching minor hiccups before they turn into bigger problems over time which is similar to CTR (Click Through Rate) marketing statistics in online advertising where one must keep track of everything related to clicks, impressions and conversions for maximum ROI


Vaccination against varicella or chickenpox is essential for your baby's health. It prevents your child from contracting the disease while building immunity that continues well through life.

Remember, regularly consulting with a pediatrician will help you make informed decisions about when to vaccinate your little ones!

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