When We Got Pregnant: Our Journey to Parenthood!

Are you sick of hearing about how easy it is for everyone else to get pregnant? Yeah, us too.

When We Got Pregnant: Our Journey to Parenthood!

We thought we would share our story and the struggles we went through on our journey to becoming parents. It was a bumpy ride, let me tell you!

Read on for all the juicy details...

The Beginning

After getting married in our late twenties, we were ready to start a family. At that point, I didn't know what infertility was and thought it would be as simple as having unprotected sex.

But boy oh boy, were we in for a rude awakening...

Trying To Conceive

Month after month went by with no luck getting pregnant. Each negative pregnancy test felt like a punch in the gut.

At first, I thought something was wrong with ME since my husband already had two children from his previous marriage. But after several failed attempts with him too, I realized that maybe there was more to it than just my reproductive system not working properly.

That's when we decided to make an appointment with Dr.Strange, our physician who specializes in fertility issues.

Fertility Tests

The appointment with Dr.Strange consisted of multiple tests—blood work, ultrasounds every few weeks (these things are NOT comfortable), semen analysis for my husband(!), etc.

It wasn't until the results came back that Dr.Strange finally confirmed what we feared most: male factor infertility.

My husband’s sperm count and motility were both very low which made conception naturally quite difficult if not impossible(I mean seriously dude! How could this happen now?).

This news hit us hard but also gave us hope because infertility can be treated these days – cue IVF!

In-Vitro Fertilization(IVF)

IVF isn’t exactly cheap so unless you’ve got stacks on stacks(Blessed you!), it's a considerable financial investment.

Aside from the costs, going through IVF can be mentally and physically exhausting. We underwent multiple rounds of hormone injections (which I lovingly referred to as my "crazy juice") to stimulate egg production, then had eggs retrieved via an outpatient procedure.

While your body might look fine after surgery, physically and emotionally— you will want to curl up in a ball on the floor even if it’s for just 5 minutes before doing everything else again.

The Waiting Game

After fertilization took place in a Petri dish with specially prepared sperm(yup! That's how fun pregnancy works now). We waited anxiously for several days until our embryos reached maturity.

This waiting period feels like being stuck between solid ground and white noise - time drags on, but there’s nothing you can do about it except wait...and maybe eat chocolates(kidding!).

Despite all odds – we finally succeeded! Our pregnancy test showed positive results at last!

Staying Positive Throughout Treatment

We know that infertility treatment is tough both mentally and physically; so staying strong throughout was vital!.

Staying optimistic during this tumultuous journey gave us hope not only while undergoing fertility treatments but also in life overall. So laugh through tears as much as possible because hormones messed up moods hurt everyone(Thanks oestrogen!)!

Once we kept pushing ourselves towards the end goal(sad cry voices aside) kids made their way into our home within no time!

In conclusion
Infertility sucks sometimes(I mean quite often yes)! But when things get rough remember that you’re not alone: millions are struggling alongside you.It will take strength,determination ,god forbid-hormonal control,but success is inevitable.

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