When’s the Right Time? Deciding on When to Have a Baby

Congratulations! You've found yourself in that beautiful time of your life when you're evaluating whether or not you want to have a baby. Whether it's your first, second or third one (or even more), there are still things that need to be evaluated before making this exhilarating (and terrifying) decision.

The Biological Clock Is Ticking...

You're getting older and running out of eggs faster than your husband can eat breakfast (not fast enough apparently). With age comes a variety of different risks throughout pregnancy including gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, cesarean delivery (It doesn't matter how expensive the health insurance is) and possible chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome (but let's just hope he/she takes after the husband instead).

Financial Security: Will Your Wallet Survive?

Let's talk about money...or lack thereof. It may be difficult at times for our wallets to support ourselves anyway since we seem unable unwillingly dump our savings into Amazon Prime quicker than water over Niagara Falls (I mean, two-day shipping is worth it). However, when deciding if now is best suited for bringing another human being into the world have a conversation with those digits and remember all additional expenses associated with having children; diapers alone will ensure it'll cost an arm & leg (24/7 mind you!)

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Clothes
  • Formula/Breastfeeding equipment

The list goes on! But don't worry! There are plenty of deals online using promo codes which allow us new parents save some cash too.

Do We Even Know How To Care For Another Human Being?

When was the last time both members of this honestly tested themselves by caring for anything remotely complex? A hobby perhaps like gardening or painting has proved successful within limits but managing an infant, toddler or challenging teenager is a whole other level (by God think of the mess).

  • Sleep Train– How valuable to you is sleep?
  • Emotions & Mental Health
  • What Are The Boundaries

Golden Rule: Don't Compare Your Pregnancy Journey To Anyone Else's

The last thing any pregnant woman needs today are more expectations...or opinions. Some pregnancies may begin in one method while others with multiple babies might see different results even within themselves (two words – double trouble). Let us be reminded that we're all unique and will experience this process individually so please ignore unsolicited advice from friends, family or Instagram influencers.

Wait Until You've Achieved All Your Ambitions Before Baby...

"It'll happen when it happens!" has been declared as everyone's favourite catchphrase (spoiler alert: it isn't) but why not wait until every conceivable personal/business goal has been fulfilled before having a baby? Unfortunately once our little bundle of joy is born, life seemingly stops for nobody (except possibly Beyonce) until they've gone through primary school which often means waiting for many "things" can mean waiting forever.

Talk It Out!

Communicating well and truly with (not at) each other on everything involved in raising another human being mustn't be taken lightly. Keep an honest dialogue about finances along with concerns associated physically/emotionally throughout pregnancy plus what tangible care looks like during early newborn years between you two as your relationship roles suddenly shift dramatically.

Having children may bring about several experiences filled with joy and excitement but ultimately comes down to each individual couple/parent figuring out how their lives would look should they choose welcome a new addition into their hearts and home. So let's have some fun bringing them up As Ethel Waters said 'Childhood is a whisper that follows us everywhere', lets make the most of ours!

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