When’s the Right Time for MMR Vaccine?

You may have heard everyone harping about how important it is to get vaccinated. And they're right! With all kinds of diseases popping up around us, vaccination is necessary. One such vaccine is the MMR which stands for Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

So, you might be thinking “when’s the right time for me to take this vaccine?” Before we can answer that question, let's learn a bit more about what the MMR vaccine entails.

What are Measles, Mumps and Rubella?

Before we start talking about vaccines, let’s first understand these three viruses – measles, mumps and rubella (MMR).

  • Measles: Imagine running a fever with red-rash spots appearing on your face after several days - that could very well be measles! Not only does it spread quickly but it also weakens your immune system making you vulnerable to other infections.
  • Mumps: Remember cheerfully using 'mump' as an insult? Well now think about swelling in glands under your ear - that would just suck real bad! As compared to other viral infections like cold or flu which settle down pretty soon; mumps can linger around longer than usual.
  • Rubella: Also known as German measles makes you feel tired along with widespread rashes.Like every viral infection,Rubella travels from person to person via sneezing,coughs etc.

Now that we know what ailments await us if not vaccinated against them let’s talk vaccines!

Understanding The Mechanism

Right off the bat,the idea behind getting vaccinations installed into our biological systems seems too invasive or alien,yet simplified enough in their working mechanism.If pathogens considered harmful enter human bodies,it invokes an immune response marked by production of antibodies.But relying solely on biological workings of body seemed risky especially considering babies lacking fully developed immune systems - which is where vaccines come into play!.Basically, they allow your body to be prepared for possible attacks before being invaded by the harmful virus, preparing their antibodies accordingly.

The MMR vaccine involves taking shots that consist of weakened or dead viruses; creating a more harmless, yet effective way of inducing your immune system’s response hence boosting immunity against these infections.

When To Get The Vaccine

Understanding when to get vaccinated can be a bit puzzling especially with all kinds of information floating around but following are some guidelines you should adhere:


Children routinely receive this vaccine at an age bracket between 12-15 months and later again between 4-6 years as periodic updates,striving toward eradication of debilitating diseases.


Adults could look into getting this vaccination against measles,mumps and rubella if not initially done during weaker past,twice as doses with two administers in variable parts instances 1 dose if born after 1957. 2 doses required for International travel. 2 doses also required for those who aren’t protected.

It's never too late to get the shot.Though ideally taken within confirmed time frames,but we'd not tell on you if administrated decades down the line, just make sure always consulting doctor before it lest complications unravel upon last moment realizations!

Side Effects?

Okay so there must surely be 'n' number side effects along with taking vaccinations right? WRONG . Everyone will react differently to having foreign matter introduced into their bodies,some may experience only minor symptoms like fever or mild rash while others might have no issues whatsoever! Although somewhat rare several unfortunate people may develop serious allergic reactions.Some adverse affects like seizures were part briefly initially linked stated earlier but conclusive data proved correlation didn't equal causation !

Here are some common phrases according side effects mentioned:

Common Phrases Alternative
Mild fever Elevated temperature
Headache Brain discomfort
Pain at the injection site Discomfort in location of needle puncture

When NOT To Get The Shot

Similarly, getting vaccinated doesn't qualify as a magic spell that can cure every injury. There are some who should not get vaccines due to health concerns:

  • Anyone who is severely allergic to neomycin or gelatin which are among the manufacturing constituents.
  • People undergoing treatments that affect immunity like medication for cancer and HIV patients shouldn't receive vaccinations until completed medical treatments.

Vaccination could potentially aggravate but doctors would know better is it according case so rely upon their expertise.


All summed up;  Getting jabbed seems scary enough.Who wouldn’t be when subjected to being poked by skewer - basically! But can you imagine remaining defenseless against possibly fatal illnesses? That’s downright shiver-worthy !If avoiding pain in the short term saves you susceptibility to long term agony ,then there's no doubt whatsoever about decision making process right?? If unsure overall consult your medical professional .With vaccination taking an important step forward toward eradication of serious diseases;It becoming hallmark responsibility borne by all individuals as responsible citizens lending helping hand towards eventual drive on part of global community towards prevention.To conclude : vaccine works-don’t be left behind!

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