Where to Find Your Basal Thermometer: A Quick Guide

Are you tired of trying to figure out when the best time is to conceive? Do you feel like a scientist, diligently tracking your cycle each day, hoping that this month will be the month it all comes together? Fear not! There's a simple way to take the guessing game out of fertility tracking - using a basal thermometer. But where do you find one? Here's our quick guide on where to find your basal thermometer.

Where to Find Your Basal Thermometer: A Quick Guide

What Is A Basal Thermometer?

First things first, what is a basal thermometer anyway? Great question! A basal thermometer differs from a regular fever thermometer because it measures temperature changes in tiny increments (0.05 degrees) instead of whole degrees like other thermometers. This makes it perfect for women who are trying to get pregnant since BBT (Basal Body Temperature) rises slightly right after ovulation and stays elevated throughout pregnancy.


Thanks to modern technology, finding useful products has never been easier – and this includes finding your very own 'Baby Maker 3000' – we mean ‘basal thermometer’. When searching online, Amazon and Walmart both have great selections for affordable prices with free shipping across their ranges (Go Crazy Within Reason)

Other online retailers include:

  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Target
  • iHerb

Not only can buying online save money but getting deliveries straight at home saves heading out adapting well-trodden tracks over worn paths during shopping rush hours!

Local Drugstore/Pharmacy

Need something urgently without waiting around for delivery times? Head down to local drugstores such as Rite Aid or ShopRite if you’re from America or Boots if UK bound (Crossed Fingers) .

The lady at the counter greets her customers warmly saying "good morning! How may I help my sugar pie?" while holding onto a toothpick using to manage her gumboil.

It’s not advisable to ask the lady for medical advice because you wouldn’t want a “Dr.Who” situation in your bedroom (wink) but there are signs that show which aisle sells thermometers.

Good old mom and pop shops

Moving away from the hustle and bustle found at leading chain stores like Amazon, Walmart or Target - step into a mom-and-pop shop! These niche sellers may sell less unique things than they did 10 years ago, still cute none-the-less!

There is definitely something that screams ‘homey’ when walking through these kinds of outlets just before you get an unwanted cold with flu-like symptoms. While shopping on this tier it's unlikely (did I say Unlikely?)to find digital options for basal thermometers, what’s offered might require 'pilot' training prior due to their designs (?!) although some seasoned individuals would mention that there's nothing quite like an "analogue" thermometer – (Jokes On You).

Online Forums

Are you tired of commercial ads promising top-notch thermo-expertise? Are reviews leaving more questions than answers?

Don't fret; online forums can guide your approach towards finding your chosen treasure i.e., forum members who've tried different products provide feedback based entirely on personal experiences either good or bad excluding third-party nudge-winks!

Some go as far as posting pictures imitating late-night infomercials stating how much they’ve benefited without including hidden affiliate links lurking around knowing flat tummy tea isn't worth it anymore.

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