Who’s the Boss of Labor? Your Body or Baby?

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, but it comes with its share of challenges. One of those challenges is preparing yourself for labor and delivery. As someone who has been through this process twice, let me tell you - there's no one right way to do it.

You may have heard conflicting theories on whether your body or baby is in control during labor. Some people believe that childbirth can be controlled entirely by the woman giving birth, while others think that the baby dictates how things go down.

So, who's the boss of labor? Let's dive in and take a closer look at what goes on during childbirth.

The Stages of Labor

Before we can talk about who calls the shots during labor, we need to understand what happens during each stage. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Stage 1: Early Labor

The first stage starts when mild contractions begin; these are usually irregular and will eventually build into stronger ones over time. During early labor, which can last from hours to days(!), the mum-to-be might feel excited but also anxious because she knows what’s coming soon!

Stage 2: Active Labor

This stage sees contractions becoming stronger and more frequent as they work together to help move your little one out into this big old world (eeeek!). This is typically when women make their way over (or get wheeled) into seeing medical staff/health professionals so they can monitor progress etc., thus making any necessary medical decisions moving forward.

Stage 3: Delivery

Delivery refers specifically to pushing until baby arrives! It helps if momma has got some groove/go-to birthing music/podcast saved up for moments like these...it sure worked for me!

Once baby arrives there could be immense relief coupled with tears & laughter all at once… adjusting ensues...

What Do Medical Professionals Say?

When it comes to labor, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Many medical professionals believe that the woman's body is in control during childbirth and that nature will take its course.

However, they also point out that occasionally issues might arise (???? shoutout to any ‘Birth Story’ junkies here!) such as: Baby gettin’ stuck/sharing a high five with mum before exiting… If mom or baby needs assistance due to complications/metrics not ticking along/meconsium noticed upon delivery...then early intervention can help prevent further more serious health outcomes for mother & bubba bear alike!

What’s Happening Inside Your Body?

During labour your hormones are working double-time. You’ll love/hate/love the different positions you naturally form/reform into on this journey! It starts long before contractions apparent themselves some women may just feel so tired/exhausted at points in pregnancy; their bodies are silently ramping up for what’s ahead…

Endorphins/Dopamine/Oxytocin all surge through mums-to-bee aka mama-bear's veins(⭐️Fun fact= Oxytocin otherwise referred to as “the cuddler” hormone helps with bonding too!). Who else knew biologically speaking going into labour could actually make one more of a hugger? ????

Balancing Act

Some viewpoints support that - As much as we want Labour to be completely natural 10% of us require some sort of intervention/Surgical procedure; often life saving measures... whilst others stress Trust Birth after all childbirth has been happening since time immemorial right???

So when things go off-script critically doctors/midwives operate like an orchestra conductor keeping mum-to-be informed yet calm making sure things moving forward safely ????

The Role Of The Baby

Although many people believe that the woman's body is in control during childbirth, it’s notable that there are situations where baby has more say. For example if baby decides to almost pull a fast one coming feet first (Breech birth), then it's unlikely for delivery to fully progress naturally but rather require intervention...

Another issue could be shoulder dystocia which happens when just after the baby’s head delivers, his/her shoulders become stuck behind mum-to-bee pelvic bone (Imaging giving your friend/colleague/French Bulldog who refuses to exercise piggy back ride & you're out...????).

In such circumstances, medical professionals will likely take control and utilize appropriate interventions or procedures - because little lil one needs assistance before becoming safe & sound snuggled up with new family! ????

The Bottom Line

Labour is unpredictable hilly-curve-ball-filled process regardless of whether mother nature/gummy bear calls shots!

Trust yourself… and always prioritize honest communication with assigned health professional team to make all involved informed decisions tendin' towards safest possible outcome.

Good luck; you got this Mama Bear!!! ????????????

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