Why Am I Shivering? Is It Normal to Be Cold in Early Pregnancy?

Are you feeling really cold lately while your partner is sweating profusely? Does it feel like the air conditioning has been set to Antarctic temperatures, even when everyone around you is comfortable? Don't worry - this could be a common symptom for those early on in pregnancy! Let's delve into what might be causing these shivers and if they are anything worrisome.

Why Am I Shivering? Is It Normal to Be Cold in Early Pregnancy?

What Causes Shivers During Early Pregnancy?

Shivering during pregnancy can be caused by a variety of reasons. Here are some of the probable causes:


Hormone changes happen as soon as conceiving takes place. These hormonal variations may cause fluctuations in body temperature which could result in chills and shivers throughout the course of your pregnancy.

Blood Volume Increase

During pregancy, there's an increase in blood volume, which redirects heat away from vital organs to avoid any overheating sensations. This process happens specifically early on, with levels then plateauing about mid-second trimester.

Stress And Anxiety

The kind of increased stress done by creating human life (NBD) triggers excessive cortisol production that speeds up metabolism resulting in warmth sensations and perspiration alternation. After experiencing anxiety or depression sometimes occurs shifts between high body heat level and sudden feelings chilling effect all over your body.

Let’s find out whether this condition should concern us because being too hot isn't healthy either!

Should You Be Worried About Being Cold While Pregnant?

It’s generally normal to experience some degree of chills throughout gestation especially closer towards due date or if pregnant with multiples however; keep an eye on severe nerve-like tremors that won’t go away getting myoprotein because contractions may occur entirely unnoticed bringing potential physical issues later down the line!

If other indications arise such as nausea followed after fever don't mistake them for basic morning sickness. In such cases, it's advisable to consult with a medical professional before administering any form of relief or prescription!

How To Keep Yourself Warm Throughout Your Pregnancy?

Alright let’s talk about how we can keep warm during pregnancy! While our instincts whisper us to stay bundled forever safe in a blanket fort not knowing the passage of time there are some easy ways to make sure your temperature doesn't dip too low.

Dress Comfy and Cozy

Dress smartly by wearing cozy layers that could be easily removed when feeling warm as well as enough support for your changing figure. Clothes specifically made from natural fibers like cashmere wool provide multiple-layered insulation against colder weather whilst sweat-wicking properties of synthetic fabrics like polyester keeps you cool even if overheated!

Drink Some Tea Or Hot Cocoa

Hooray for having an excuse to drink hot beverages excessively - but seriously drinking tea, cocoa or broths is warming in more than one sense considering they heat up inside AND out while often keeping colds at bay.

Invest In A Heating Pad Or Blanket

If still shivering while being wrapped around blankets isn’t working get yourself something electric because wires don't judge--heating pads or blankets will be perfect alternatives providing immediate warmth anytime things chill down below freezing point indoors.

When Should You Be Concerned About Being Cold During Pregnancy?

Although mild shivers and extreme mild sweating might not bother most women during early stage pregnancies; This may also cause other health issues namely hypothermia along with fever which would require treatment immediately since leaving it ignored produces grave consequences including hospitalization sometimes leading into premature labor (OUCH!)

Here are warnings signs that should raise alarm bells:

  • Consistently high fevers
  • Abdominal pain
  • Severe headaches
  • Nausea followed after fever/difficulty breathing shortly thereafter this indicates potential serious underlying conditions arising secondary vaginal infections.

So, when in doubt please reach out to ensure both you and the new life forming within remains in good shape.

In Conclusion…

When it comes down to pregnancy-related shivers, there's nothing rogue or atypical about cold flashes. It’s an effect of hormones manifesting themselves as sudden temperature changes - totally normal!

Shivering may be a part of your bodily reaction during gestation which can generate instability while still maintaining health but precisely because a pregnant body needs more care extra vigilance toward noticeable warning signs mentioned above is crucial! So go ahead embrace the inner polar bear in all its chilliness whilst keeping yourself taken care of!

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