Why Do I Wake Up with Stomach Aches? Unveiling the Mystery!

Are you tired of waking up every day feeling like you got hit by a truck? Well, maybe not that bad, but your stomach is certainly revolting against you. You're left wondering why this happens almost daily and its driving you straight to Google. Lucky for you, we've compiled everything you need to know in one place.

Why Do I Wake Up with Stomach Aches? Unveiling the Mystery!

The Common Causes

Let's start with some possible reasons why your tummy isn't being nice to you:


We all get fancy sometimes, eating those exotic dishes thinking it'll spice things up. Unfortunately, our tummies don't always share that excitement and let us know through indigestion.

Acid Reflux

If there's something worse than indigestion - it's acid reflux. This occurs when stomach acid rushes back into your throat or mouth which can cause chest pain and throatburns upon waking up.

Lactose Intolerance

Dairy-lovers beware! Milk products are rich in lactose sugar; if your body isn't capable of breaking down these sugars quickly enough, then the dairy will simply move right onto the next stage -- fermentation -- leading to gas build-up (not fun).

Food Allergies

Perhaps food allergies aren't quite shocking as an answer; they can still affect anyone at any age! Some folks get hives while others experience GI discomfort symptoms including vomiting & diarrhea arising due to an allergic reaction.

Could It Be Something Mysterious?

If after reflecting on what might be causing your achy tummy before bedtime -everything just seems like normal routine activities- maybe there’s another mysterious reason.


One such condition known as 'GERD' may be behind morning stomach cramps among individuals who experience nighttime heartburn sensation symptoms regularly.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, a. k. a GERD is the most chronic and persistent form of acid reflux - this stomach issue could simply become a common problem among those dealing with it.

Crohn's Disease

That irritating sickness that haunts over days to weeks which often produces not so pleasant stool like diarrhea & crampy abdominal pain might be crohn’s disease.

The Treatments

So now what?! Here are some treatments you can try out:


Medicinal pills such as lansoprazole or other PPIs prescribed by your doctor can alleviate symptoms depending on your specific ailment causing morning time discomfort.

Digestive Enzymes

An additional option may include digestive enzymes, which help in breaking down food particles for better digestion- perhaps they'll regress any internal gut inflammation dramatically.

And there you have it! An all-in-one guide with notable points answering "why do I wake up with stomachaches." Hopefully one or more reasons mentioned above helped clear up why waking up every day feels self-torturing sometimes.

Remember to always consult medical professionals regarding health advice before implementation of any strategies provided here.

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