Why Gas Pains Really Happen: The Surprising Causes!

One minute you're enjoying a delicious meal, and the next thing you know, you're writhing in pain because of gas. It's a situation that many of us have experienced and it can be quite embarrassing when it happens in public. But why do gas pains happen? Here are some surprising causes that will make you appreciate your body even more.

Why Gas Pains Really Happen: The Surprising Causes!

Foods That Cause Gas: What Goes In Must Come Out

We all know the saying, "you are what you eat" but did you know that certain foods can cause excess gas? If not digested correctly, these types of food ferment and form gases which build up in our system causing discomfort.


Beans aren't just musical fruits; they’re also notorious for causing flatulence due to their high fiber content. Beans contain oligosaccharides which are complex sugars that cannot be broken down fully by the digestive enzymes (1). So get ready for a hearty toot after beans consumption.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Yes! The same ones grandma forced us to finish at dinner time – broccoli, cauliflower & Brussels sprouts contain raffinose - another oligosaccharide sugar(2). Along with producing many benefits like calories and nutrients intake as well providing relief from constipation due to their fiber-rich nature yet at times become harmful towards digestion by creating an excess amount of flatulence (3).

Carbonated Drinks

A glance through any supermarket drink shelves would reveal how popular carbonated drinks such as soda have become throughout all walks-of-life over recent decades As much as we enjoy this on sunny days with friends or parties/ celebrations taking these kinds o his fizzy beverages during meals could lead unwanted intestinal gaseous trouble later on (4) , since carbon dioxide usually gets trapped inside the stomach leading to bloating and burping (5).

Medications and Other Health Conditions: Inside Out

Sometimes, gas can even arise through no fault of your own dietary habits. Health conditions or treatments may occasionally generate symptoms like flatulence as well (6)

Intestinal Infections

Intestinal infections are brought upon by bacteria, viruses, fungi in the stomach/intestines usually resulting from unclean food preparation/handling . These pathogens might disrupt normal digestive processes leading to bloating/excessive farting accompanied with abdominal pain (7). As a result of these infections , various food intolerances could develop also .

Lactose intolerance

Dairy has lactose, and lactose is a sugar that our body breaks down into glucose for energy using an enzyme called ”Lactase”. However if there isn't enough this ‘lactase’ enzyme present for whatever reason or when food intake surpasses enzymatic capacity one will have to deal with stomach gurgles producing flatulence/bloating because the undigested lactose gets fermented by different microorganisms found inside colon(8).


Gastroparesis is another medical issue that causes problems; it's known medically as delayed gastric emptying. It’s a condition where stomach muscles fail to push digested meals forward towards small intestine thus restricting natural gut mobility possibly ending up backing things back up near abdomen area causing unwanted gas buildup cum painful sensations(9)

A Healthy Gut Is Key To Reducing Gas Symptoms

It’s vital we take care of our delicate digestive systems tips below can help get you started:

  • Stay hydrated - Your intestines need water to smoothly digest your food.

  • Fiber RX – increasing fiber intake tends to loosen stools hence reducing chances flatulence picking momentum slowing gut transit time(driving away potential causative agents).

  • Be Active – taking part in physical activity helps relieve both stress levels & flatten out accumulated internal gas pockets.

Now with the awareness of common reasons behind this bodily phenomena, one can have a great time around friends without worrying about excessive flatulence! Just remember- keeping healthy gut habits always win in decreasing abdominal quagmires. So cheers to taking care of your digestive system and living an all-around healthier life!


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