Why He Craves My Pleasure: The Truth Behind Why Does My Boyfriend Want to Go Down on Me

What's the big deal about oral sex? We all know it's not something you can talk about in polite company, but let's face it - everyone thinks about and does it. So why do some people love going down on their partners? Specifically, why does my boyfriend want to go down on me all the time? Let's explore the reasons behind his fixation.

Why He Craves My Pleasure: The Truth Behind Why Does My Boyfriend Want to Go Down on Me

The Anatomy of Pleasure

It goes without saying that humans are wired to seek pleasure. And when it comes to sexual pleasure, there are few things as satisfying as pleasing your partner. As a woman, you have layers upon layers of nerve endings in your clitoris and vaginal area. This makes for an incredibly pleasurable experience when stimulated correctly.

Your man knows this too well and wants nothing more than to make you feel good for your sake just because he loves you so much!

According to research by Dr. Gail Lawrence from Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh,” When someone is giving another person oral sex they’re really being intimate with them". It’s true that attaching ourselves intimately means opening up chances for great moments together along with lotsa cuddling!

That same intimate connection forged through cunnilingus creates bonds of trust, increased vulnerability conversation strengthened feelings meaningful partnership,hookup or whatever kind interaction.

When we surrender control over our bodies completely weightlessly laying there receiving ---it lets him connect with us emotionally he feels useful cool important understood needed validated appreciated loved (everything!),and yet at the same instant- like furtive little fetishist dipping into a licorice jar-he gets hard energized exhilarated invigorated even (unlike traditional penetrative intercourse where only one party really enjoys themselves)

So whenever our darling boyfriends start getting his freaky-deaky head into munching carpet/sugaring the tea bag, it’s basically good old-fashioned love buds tenderly squeezing and trying to express how much his partner means. And who doesn't crave that kind of attention?

But let's break down some more reasons why he might be obsessed with giving you oral.

It Makes Him Feel Manly

When a man can bring his woman to orgasm, it gives him a sense of pride unlike any other. For some men, going down on their partner is the ultimate test of their masculinity. They want to show off their skills in bed and prove that they're capable of making you feel good all night long (Aww Sweets!!).So next time you find yourself objecting- ask:What is gonna improve by YOU denying him the feeling of masculinity he gets from pleasing me?!Certainly not our grand total amounta happiness,no?

Moreover,Men enjoy feeding their ego/are taught to seek ways natural or sexuals where they can display power-Nevermind exclaiming at eachother during warzone/game,biking,wrestling,racing ..You know-how-a-man-does-it moment//.Now picture us lying there,our unfounded mini-helmet strapped tightly over his dartboard.Unlike greek democracy no modern-day relationship functions 50/50:/And this remains an opulent way to evidence(repeated verification) your dependence on HIM -IT’S NOW AN UNCONDITIONAL FEEL GOOD NEED/WANT(dependency!!!!!OUTSTANDING!) for both parties!

As if things couldn't get any better!

Primal Instincts are Kicking In

Another reason why your boyfriend loves going downtown is because it satisfies his primal urges. Men have been programmed by evolution to desire sex with women who are healthy and fertile (back when we were cave people,this was oh-so necessary!). By bringing pleasure upon your bushy gateway ,he feels like there's quite simply nothing better in the world than accomplishing that kind of primal urge.

Through sexual acts such as oral sex, he can fulfill his biological need to seek a partner who is a viable potential baby-bearing candidate with fine hips and ample booty (Life finds its place!)

And since there are no more sabretooth tigers lurking around every corner anymore/amusement parks stay closed during lockdown,his inner caveman will gladly look for less lethal outlets like going down town-which also doubles upto filling needs in 1)

It's More Than Just Physical

To your boyfriend - it might not just be about pleasuring you physically but there’s an emotional satisfaction to go along with it . After all, if entertainment was the sole goal,intimacy alarms would always remain silent-until you get billed!

We humans use many automated mechanisms only existing to digest,functionalize,maintain our well-being etc.Initially,ll-seems perfectly normal until we dig deeper into those motives ---

Now apply the same formula ---Not-so-enlightened men often care/see girls as crude caricatures emboldening oversexualized crudely expressed ideas towards women’s bodies.So coming from this perspective,the scene-of-lounging-pussy-overmouths-and noses/BALLPLAY(with lotsa dirty talk),moans,gasps and so on becomes very easy to hold onto.

But has anyone ever thought what may finally come-after you scream out OH MY GOD!OH MY GOSH?As soon as he makes ‘you’ feel ecstatic utterly orgasmic,totally satiated beyond words,satisfied/in nirvana,isn’t defining moment after such climax something intense too?

Looking up at your eyes while licking erogenous zones,your boyfriends realize how much happiness they have brought upon their partners!,and vice versa.This level of connection allows him to let loose with abandon knowing one day someone will share stories of just how adored he was

There's a Sense of Connection.

Studies indicate that men often experience heightened levels of intimacy when providing oral stimulation to their partners. As an act, it fosters communication and generates space to form trust between both parties. Since good sex extends beyond physical gratification,this activity allows people give more in bed releasing past disappointments or feelings of inadequacy.

The feeling one experiences through intimate acts becomes paramount when one is deeply associated with the result after.Looking out for times when we truly allowed ourselves walls down opened up affections,you'll likely see how lovemaking played into the roller coaster ride.Men are able to explore what makes their women tick by asking them preferably during those moments about what they like/dislike or might want further experimentation, then adjusting their performance accordingly!

These discussions build deeper emotional connections even post-coitus! If you’re open,honest without fear or judgment everything done will make your bond shine brighter !

He Wants You to Feel Good

Lastly,it's worth noting that sometimes our boyfriends just want us/made sure they took every opportunity towards making us feel on top off this world! Be it sexually,morally,physically,fiscally..Throughout history,everything great happening usually comes from someone capable enough putting themselves in another person's shoes/empathy Being able understand/show empathy towards his partner shows how much he earns her respect-love-trust-everything-anything possible!

So embrace your little tot -spread wide legs-yayyy!!!/don't hold back-the kids are not around!!-(high movements)-(this is where tables come handy)-always leaving room expansion adjustments whatever floats boat! -so let me summarize again…it won’t kill you,next time be kinder/give him credit'why does my boyfriend want go down on me?'-I don't need 2000 words anymore-once upon a time;-my caveman liked-trusting-me so much -he cried while I exploded like fireworks! humbly and sincerely thanking me for giving him a purpose.Don't we all deserve that in bed.


In essence,to answer the question 'why does my boyfriend want to go down on me', It's really just about love. With cunnilingus, your man can express his deepest affection towards his lover by taking care of her lady bits with excellence.Pleasing you is what brings meaning to an otherwise boring life-once he shows skill at it-keeping working hard surprises expanding learning knowing YOU beyond physical beauty develops into wonderful adventure exploring each other’s attraction.Not to mention,the hot sex along with strong moments after this act make everything much more appealing.

Besides,you're most likely also doing things that turn him/going out of way regularly keeping not only romance but sparks of curiosity burning. And if you still think there must be something else making him behave as such(finger crosses might extend through various adventures),chances are he just loves hearing how awesome he makes you feel every time/or enjoying good old "her pleasure" variety!

So lean back,girl friends-and let your partner dive right on in 😉

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