Why I Can’t Keep Anything in My Stomach: The Unbearable Nausea

Do you ever feel like vomiting even after the smallest bite of food? Does a car or boat ride make you sick to your stomach? Do strong smells trigger an unrelenting wave of nausea that won't dissipate for hours? As someone who suffers from chronic and unbearable nausea, I can tell you firsthand how frustrating, exhausting, and limiting it can be. Here's why:

The Science Behind Nausea

Nausea is a complex sensation that involves multiple bodily systems working together - digestive, nervous, endocrine - to send signals to the brain. Such signals are triggered by various factors such as sicknesses (like flu or cancers), medications, pregnancy hormones, motion stimuli (boat rides or roller coasters) etc.

Fun fact: Did you know that the act of vomiting itself is not controlled by the brain but rather by reflex pathways involving muscles contracting in sequence?

When these systems become disrupted or out-of-sync with each other for some reason they consequently cause nauseousness manifested through symptoms such as dizziness; hot flashes; fainting e.t.c.

The Culprits Behind Chronic Nausea

Chronic nausea differs from acute due to its long-term duration which affects one's quality of life and ability to perform daily activities easily leading them down depression lane.

  • Gastrointestinal diseases: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gastritis,Crohn’s Disease, constipation among others
  • Cancer treatments/post-surgery complications which kills good cells along bad during chemotherapy.
  • Medications : antibiotics& chemotherapeutic drugs
  • Hormonal changes: menstruation cycle and thus why some ladies experience morning sickness Without proper diagnosis accurate identification & management i.e detecting/ removing root causes treating chronic nauseation becomes stressful task

## Coping Mechanisms Against It

While medical treatments are best for tackling underlying conditions they won't do much to alleviate nausea symptoms on the spot but here's what can be done:

  • Acupressure: targets specific pressure points that reduce vomiting tendencies - place fingers between wrist tendons & apply pressure.
  • Aromatherapy: fragrances like peppermint, lemon balm and ginger relieve nausea when inhaled.
  • Proper diet preparation: Avoid foods high in fats, spicy or acidic (alcohol too). Eating rice will help neutralize excess acid while avoiding solid foods during a bout of nausea is advised by nutritionists as liquid intake ought to suffice.
  • Essential oils
    Birds have feathers…we have lavender oil. The aroma helps calm stomach muscles which cause disruptions such nausea

Personal Journey with Chronic Nausea

My journey with chronic nauseation began years ago after taking medication for a bacterial infection I’d contracted. What started out as an acute condition worsened over time leading me down doctor triage sessions,taking up worst-case internet suggestions finally settling for professional diagnosis by specialists.

I was diagnosed with both Crohn's Disease and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) -bith arduous digestive system diseases having varied medical jargon tried different quick fixes availed online solutions resorted to foul-tasting medications

However despite medical intervention cup full of optimism alongside developing new habits eased its effects including

  1. Sipping water frequently instead of gulping large volumes at one go 2.Avoiding triggers due to my newly introduced dietary preferences 3.Lying upright after meals; this reduces regurgitation/heartburn .

As irritating as arriving late disrupts appointments,or biting your inner cheek an upcoming day filled unending urge “to puke” takes away from daily productivity making even simplest chores unbearable.. This goes beyond just lousy days ..It’s an unequivocal aspect of my daily routine which I’ve learnt to manage

Advantages of Coping with Nausea

Managing Chronic nausea takes a considerable amount coordination,tough lifestyle and dietary choices. And while the journey can be difficult, the benefits that arise from it are rewarding

  • an appreciation in eating small meals frequently
  • Developing tolerance towards unpleasant experiences
  • learning new methods/techniques on overcoming nauseousness

## Choosing Support Networks

May sound cliche but managing this condition isn't something we ought to miserably endure alone. There is no shame seeking out for support systems suchas:

  1. Group therapy?
  2. Engaging others about your condition as not only will they understand when you need pause. 3.Speaking up if effects disrupts daily activities e.g work reason being employers might suggest tailor-made strategies which promote working environment conducive enough

Click here for more information.

## Conclusion A final note: coping with chronic nausea isn't easy but necessary as It may manifest extreme exhaustion alongside depression among other psychological difficulties adding on complications which could otherwise easily been avoided through proper management..

If anything, let this storytelling educate those who struggle or do not understand what lies below someone's stomach turning leaving should empower them help an individual find peace amongst possible solutions boosting their quality life significantly just like I've found mine.

  • Eat easy-to-digest meal preparations .
  • Acquire specialized aids; specifically meant for minimizing discomfort imposed by motion sicknesses.

Witnessing slight improvement during or after bouts despite its tedious nature serves as a rejuvenator coupled along my taste buds ability actually savor food .

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