Why is my vomit brown? – Exploring the Surprising Reasons

Vomiting is never a fun experience, but it can be even more puzzling when your puke comes out brown. You might wonder if you need to call 911 or start digging through WebMD for answers. Fear not! This article will explore why your vomit may have taken on a chocolate-y hue.

Why is my vomit brown? – Exploring the Surprising Reasons

What Causes Brown Vomit?

Brown vomit can occur for several reasons, including:

1. Consuming Certain Foods

Consuming certain foods like chocolate cake or ice cream can cause your vomit to be brown. The dark pigments in these foods often survive digestion and come back up with the rest of the bile.

2. Delayed Emptying of Your Stomach

When your stomach takes too long to empty its contents into the small intestine, bile can build up and become concentrated in color - this could contribute to brown vomit!

3.Gastrointestinal Diseases

There are several gastrointestinal diseases which include jaundice (yellow skin), hepatitis A,B,C,D,E, pancreatitis (severe inflammation of pancreas) amongst others that exist as primary causes resulting due to which people start vomiting dark or light-colored substances from their body.


Certain medications like opioids(resulting constipation & delay digestion thereby leading also contributing #delayed emptying), antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs result in throwing up yellowish-brown liquids(#bile).

Let's Dig Deeper into These Causes

Now before worrying about some severe disease give this list one read(there are chances you won’t right after reading ahead-#ThanksToBizarreInfoAlert)-

  • Dark-coloured drinks: Purple Gatorade
  • Chocolatey Delights : Choco-chip icecream , chocolate shake,cake #SadButTrue.
  • Foods notoriously hard-to-digest(cue Beans): #worsecondition when combined with severe dehydration.
  • Release of bile: After gallbladder removal or sometimes due to changes in bodily conditions, slow release of bile from the liver can cause brown vomit.
  • Hematemesis(a fancy medical term) refers to vomiting up blood which oxidizes after some time and as a result turns into a brownish red colour.

How Can You Treat Brown Vomit?

If you believe that your brown vomit is simply an effect of eating certain foods rather than some serious underlying problem, then you are probably safe just letting it pass naturally.#WarningNotApplicableToAllCases

However if any other symptom such as stomach pain appears along with the state of nausea, it’s best to consult professional help immediately.


While puking isn't exactly pleasant no matter what color it is, at least now you have an idea as to why your stomach might be causing this particular shade #TheDoGDen . If nothing else though dear readers? Don’t forget here's hoping for only liquid-less solid moments ahead!

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