Why standing makes me nauseous? Discover the reasons

It has been said that standing is a fundamental human activity. We do it every day without giving it much thought, but for some people, standing can be quite challenging. If you're one of those people who suffers from motion sickness or feels nauseous when standing up for prolonged periods and have wondered why this happens to you, then look no further! In this article, we'll explore 16 possible reasons why standing makes you feel nauseous.

Why standing makes me nauseous? Discover the reasons

The Magic of Posture

A lot has been said about the importance of having good posture. People always seem to associate good posture with being confident and strong-willed individuals - like we are in control of our lives altogether. We grow up hearing things like “stand straight,” “pull your shoulders back” – all intended at getting us to maintain proper alignment while sitting or walking.

However, if you experience nausea when trying to stand erectly for too long; which seems counter-intuitive since maintaining a good posture keeps your body healthy and avoids compressing internal organs.

Reason #1 - Dysautonomia

As funny as it sounds (or not), dysautonomia refers to a condition where an individual’s autonomous nervous system cannot keep their heart rate blood pressure stable throughout different positions' changes.

What does that mean?

Your body can't adjust accordingly under different circumstances resulting in symptoms such as dizziness, breathlessness -- wait --- 'nausea'. Yep! This describes exactly what many an individual would feel on attempting upright position after a predetermined length seated/still period.

Causes behind Dysautonomia? Some causes merit mentioning here because they contribute significantly towards its development. - Genetically inherited - Repeated spinal cord injuries - Viral infections

Prevention & Treatment options:

Further examination by a medical practitioner could identify any underlying conditions contributing towards developing dysautonomia.

Reason #2 - Low Blood Sugar

Have you ever had one of those days where you skipped breakfast, worked through lunch and then find yourself wondering why 'standing up' seems the hardest task yet? Sorry to break it to you but that in some instances might mean – low blood sugar. When we skip meals or eat snacks high in quickly digestible carbs without protein/fiber intake, our insulin levels descend rapidly resulting primarily for people with diabetes. Moreover, taking caffeine-rich drinks/foodstuffs on an empty stomach also lowers glucose concentration.

When blood sugar levels decrease upon extended gaming sessions without breaks can lead a person straight to a nauseating experience thanks to bodily requirements outrunning caloric intake.

Remedy: Food! Having an easily digestive snack would help balance out your metabolism and provide quick fore into your bloodstream.

Reason #3 - Vasovagal Reaction

If there's one surefire way of finding humor in nausea talk - this 'fun-fact' could be used as a card at parties (if birthday festivities are being held next week). Anyways.. Back on topic!

One reason why individuals may end up feeling nausea when standing is because of a vasovagal reaction. Just like my apologies, our system has weird ways of responding under pressure.

A scientific explanation?

In layman’s tongue; prolonged standing causes a sudden drop in pulse rate due by activating the vagus nerve constricting veins around each leg which prevent proper circulation oxygen supply from occurring throughout the body leading to dizziness/nausea-like symptoms.


  • Sit down
  • Apply ice packs onto forehead.
  • A saline injection therapy might also work wonders for this category

Gibberish Based Reasons:

While we have gone through some scientifically-backed reasons so far now shift gears into ridiculous possibilities ripe with laughter and absurdness kept hidden within unsuspecting corners expecting no amusement whatsoever... Without further ado:

Reason #4 - The Chewing Gum Factor

It is widely accepted that chewing gum yields quite an array of benefits such as freshening up breaths and aiding digestion, but what about the side effects? A comprehensive study conducted in 2015 points out reflex swallowing while gumming amplifies intestinal contribution to nausea among other health outcomes.

Remedy: Quit obsessively chewing gums.

Reason #5 - Spinning Around Too Much

Remember those spinning rides at amusement parks with flashing neon lights?

As amusing as they are; spinning too long, eventually leads to unease.

Why? Comprehending motion sickness reveals brain-body discordance, causing conflict between physical sensations and reliance on sensory organs for crucial insight regarding your movements' stabilization—resulting in lingering dizziness or queasiness even upon leaving the ride itself.

Explanation: - Stabilize your head position. - Close eyes while riding or lie down helps quell symptoms quickly.

Reason #6 Bumped Head Syndrome:

Direct hits on multiple occasions around certain areas could consequently unsettle neurotransmitter chemical releases which prevent steady body coordination resulting in lightheadedness/nausea-like experiences.

Causes behind CNS Trauma? Some causes merit mentioning here because they contribute significantly towards its development. - Unstable headgear usage/wrong helmet size (contusions) - Major accidents


Seek medical attention if regular feel dizzy spells happen more frequently over time indicating further investigation required

Reason #7 - Brain Fogging

Ever heard rumors of people able to read others’ thoughts/radiate killer vibes from the moment they stepped into a room?

What does it have common with feeling nauseous when rising up from extended seating period? Hint hint..

Low amount of blood & oxygen supply flowing throughout our brains due dilated arteries failing to deliver expected amounts all mood swings/confusion sets leading ultimately ending in feelings unable carry on standing posture.

How to help prevent fogging?

Motivating breathing exercises, listening a peppy song, or making jokes (to promote release of endorphins & reduce stress) can all-tackle tightness in chest/ neck area.

Reason #8 - Over-Exercising

Stabilizing our heart’s rhythm is crucial for work being done by left ventricles pumping blood through the circulatory system's arteries.

But what if you overdo it?

Heartbeats surpassing 150 beat/min while running/sprinting might lead to uncomfortable wooziness. Moreover; exercising beyond your cardio limits increases production of lactic acid ultimately increasing adrenal fatigue impacting stamina levels overall


Take breaks! Remaining hydrated curbs excruciating muscles too.

Reason #9 – Skipping Sleep

Sleep plays an integral role when brain tissues undergo rejuvenation and growth hence adequate rest coupled with regular exercise keeps us physically emotionally healthy.

When we fail adhere recommended number hours shuteye needed feel exhausted throbbing headaches wavering concentration upstaging metabolic perils such as nausea high-fast food intakes overcompensating calorie units subsequently leading jumbled nervous systems insufficient energy.

Add remedies 😉

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