Winter wears for Tennessee: Tips on dressing up in December

Winter is here, and the temperature is dropping faster than my grades in college. As much as we love to sip hot cocoa and cuddle under blankets all day during winter, we eventually need to step out of our cozy cocoons into the freezing temperatures.

Winter wears for Tennessee: Tips on dressing up in December

If you live in Tennessee, you know that winters are unpredictable, with temperature fluctuations happening at any given moment. It's crucial to dress appropriately during this season or risk freezing your tush off.

So without further ado, let's dive into some tips on how to dress up this winter like a true Tennessean.

Layer it up

One of the most critical aspects of dressing well during winter is layering. Layering not only adds insulation but also can add depth and texture to an outfit while keeping it practical.

Start with a base layer made from wool, silk, or synthetic fibers that wick moisture away from your skin. This will help keep you dry even if you sweat while shopping for Christmas gifts at your local mall.

Next comes the mid-layer which provides additional insulation. A popular option for this would be a sweater - there are plenty of trendy yet inexpensive options available online!

Finally comes your outerwear layer- ideally waterproof such as parkas or peacoats- make sure its functional yet chic! Remember: just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean fashion goes out the window!

Hats galore

We've heard grandma say multiple times before: heat escapes through our heads; therefore’ wear more hats!’ And trust me when I say she was right (and cute)! Wearing hats can keep you warm while adding a pop of style to your overall look simultaneously!

If beanies aren't cutting it anymore like Coach Loev suggests then try some fedoras / turban head wraps- same warmth factor but way chicer! They'll draw attention upward and help show off your gorgeous facial features!

The power of gloves

I know, I know. You are probably wondering what the heck gloves would do when it's -15 degrees outside? But think again, my sweet-snowflake! Gloves work wonders on those cold brisk days to keep digits from super painful frostbite (Go Vols!!).

Choosing insulated mittens or purring up some fingerless ones will offer a more stylish choice (texting capable) while still keeping fingers cozy.

Pro tip: If you’re one that particularly breaks into a sweat easily- purchase waterproof outer layers; no soggy feeling then even if snowball fights get intense enough.

Bootylicious footwear

You're here for tips, right? So let me tell ya in winter Tennessean worlds with "sweater weather" because they automatically look cute without too much effort involved. Moreover boots happen to be very practical during chilly temperatures allowing for warmth and fashion all encompassed together!

Some things you'll need when buying boots:

1.They MUST have decent insulation. 2.Make sure they fit appropriately(close-in-toe although as tempting but slip-on Chelsea given what December brings could be tragic). 3.Options can include knee-high boots which come in tons of colors!

Always keep functionality as top priority-beauty is important but hypothermia is also not too flattering either!!!

Protective gear accessories

Accessorizing your protective gear such as mouth & ear coverings should always take precedent especially given specific health concerns present at the moment.

As winter progresses masks become more essential than accessory-like items so it’s best to have them already available before stepping out every time.

Ear muffs seem like something straight outta an @ArianaGrande music video aren’t just for kids anymore-must try options: leopard prints/ intricate detailing-really any design works longggg as it keeps those ears warm & toasty.

Wrapping up

Winter isn't a time to let your fashion fall behind. Shopping for trendy clothes designed for warmth doesn’t have to cost a fortune while protecting yourself physically and staying stylish all season long!

So, with these tips in mind, you'll be able to weather this winter Tennessean style! Go out there, wrap-up like cocoons,& discover why UT plays some of the best sports in Winter-land USA!

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