Withdrawal Method: Can It Get You Pregnant?

Listen up folks! We have a little piece of information we know you've all been itching to hear about! The withdrawal method- or 'pulling out'- is sometimes used as a form of contraception. But, can it actually prevent pregnancy? Or will it just end up getting you in the family way? Let's dive head-first into this question and explore the science behind why pulling out might not be your best bet.

Withdrawal Method: Can It Get You Pregnant?

Defining the Withdrawal Method

First things first, let's define what exactly we mean when we refer to "pulling out." Basically, this involves removing the penis from inside the vagina before ejaculation occurs. In theory, by doing so sperm cells are ejected outside of the body and therefore cannot fertilize an egg - meaning no conception will occur!

Sounds pretty simple right? Well hold onto your pants because there's more than meets the eye here.

How Effective Is It?

Here comes some real juicy content for you guys (we hope!). According to research that has been conducted on said topic,the effectiveness rate is around 78%.

Umm... okay. So that doesn't sound too shabby does it?! Well hang on there sister/brother/non-binary sibling! That means almost one in four people who use withdrawal MIGHT get pregnant anyways!

Would anyone want those kind of odds anywhere else in life? No thanks. Pass us something less scary please!

What Causes This Lackluster Rate Of Effectiveness?

So now we know that using withdrawal isn't oh-so-great after all. But why is its success rate so poor compared to other forms of contraceptives?

The answer lies within pre-ejaculate fluid (or precum), which sorta-might-kinda contain small amounts of live sperm which can easily swim into fertile territory within a jiffy.

Basically, it's kind of like someone who thinks they've cleaned their room well but missed a few spots. Those 'missed spots' in this case could still take you to conception town, where population: YOU.

Some Other Drawbacks You Might Want To Consider

Withdrawal might be better than being on Maury and finding out if "you're the father!" but there are some other drawbacks beside its low effectiveness rate that you should know about:

  • It requires self-control from the male partner at all times
  • The risk of accidental ejaculation inside the vagina is significant
  • There are no protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), or HIV/AIDS

Well we can't exactly provide a solution to having a SO without self control, except for hollerin', yellin' and plugging your ears until lust passes! But beyond that don't count on pulling out as your fool-proof safe route!

If you use withdrawal method unluckily/unlucky enough/ things go windward with pre-cum or because one accidentally ejaculate in /the/ moment cough/cough...did we even need to mention how disastrous that could end up being?

And, let's keep in mind what STI prevention means - condoms people! Remember those trusty latex inventions?

Pulling Out May Make So Many Nerves On Edge That Janis Joplin Would Be Proud

We hate to make matters worse, considering we've thrown enough shade already, but it doesn't end there. Let us deconstruct yet another flaw about using withdrawal items:

Many folks report high levels of anxiety around birth control topics generally; however when relying solely on only their poor ol’ guy’s ability/willpower/humor stage ready cock instead surely skyrocket any nerves?

What if he accidentally messes up embarking into parenthood ahead-of-schedule and/or without proper planning? Folks may also worry that minor symptoms like nausea or a headache might actually be early signs of pregnancy.

This sort of thinking leads to stress, and this can lead to actual symptoms such as delayed periods! This could create quite the domino effect amongst an already difficult problem.


Phew y'all- after all we've said let's sum up:

Pulling out is not the best when it comes to preventing pregnancy, and there are plenty reasons why this is so. It may seem like a quick fix for folks who can't use other forms of contraception, but statistics tell us you're more likely to get pregnant than avoid it by using withdrawal.

Withdrawal method also does not provide any protection against STIs - meaning that using this as your primary form of birth control could end really badly in many ways!

In light with facts regarding pre-cum/sperm/insert anatomy word here situation either want-to-be parents certainly would assume abstinence the only way at their disposal upon seriously considering safeguarding themselves from unexpected parenthood-related surprises/the worst kind?

But yet again what do we know? We just saunter around telling people about things others don't necessarily care about anyways (read: Ai writing within our own self reinforced cycle). So please everyone - take everything said here today with ease and reach out if you think you might need help or advice in regards to contraceptives.

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