Wondering why sperm lingers? Learn Why does sperm come out hours later

Ah, the miracle of life. It's truly amazing how two people can create a tiny human being that will grow up to disappoint them in so many ways. But before we get into all that, let's talk about something else that's pretty mysterious: why does sperm linger and come out hours later?

Wondering why sperm lingers? Learn Why does sperm come out hours later

You may have noticed this phenomenon yourself after engaging in some frisky behavior with yourself or a partner. You think you've cleaned up everything down there, but then a little while later...surprise! More sperm. What gives?

Myth Busting Time - No Its Not Pee!

First things first: it's definitely not pee that you're experiencing. Let me repeat that for the cheap seats in the back: it is NOT pee. Despite what your health teacher or your weird uncle Jerry may have told you, female ejaculate is not urine.

The liquid coming out after sex (or masturbation) is actually semen mixed with other fluids like prostate secretions and seminal vesicle fluid. When you orgasm, your reproductive system goes into overdrive and contracts to push everything out of your body.

But sometimes not everything comes out on the first go-around.

Blame it on Gravity

So why might semen linger inside someone even after they've already cum? A lot of it has to do with gravity- specifically an angle known as "the angle between our dangle."

For those unfamiliar with male anatomy (congrats by the way), there are three parts involved in ejaculation:

1) Vas deferens 2) Seminal Vesicles 3) Prostate Glands

These organs are responsible for producing and storing semen, which is comprised of sperm cells plus various liquids/proteins/sugars/etc. When someone orgasms/ejaculates their pelvic floor muscles start contracting, which moves semen from these three areas up and out of a tiny hole in the penis called the urethral opening. However, not all angles are created equal.

If someone's body is positioned in such a way that there is less gravitational force pulling on their reproductive organs, then it can be harder for everything to come out. This is why you might experience some lingering seminal fluid if you're lying down or bending over after sex.

Plus let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room: men aren't always known for having much control down there. If we're being honest (which I am nothing but), sometimes semen will just leak out randomly throughout the day - no orgasm required!

Can Masturbation Cause Lingerie?

Now that we understand why sperm lingers, let's move onto another related question: does masturbation affect how long it takes for sperm to come out later?

The short answer? It depends.

In general, your body produces millions of sperm cells every single day whether or not you use them (in my case...not). When you masturbate/ejaculate/release-the-beast more frequently than usual/abnormally desirable amount/pumpkin spice latte level frequency then your supply won’t get replenished as quickly because while sometimes life gives us full loads other times its only enough ammunition for one shot.

That doesn't mean masturbating too often is going to leave you with dry orgasms forevermore though -- ultimately nature has its own rhythm and cycle(s).

Factors Affecting Sperm Load

Other factors besides frequency can also affect cumulative seminal volume like age (older = less/unpoisoned swimmers), lifestyle choices(chugging Mountain Dew daily like an addict lowers one’s motility), medication side effects(are those performance enhancing drugs make him weaker?), etc. For instance what makes John Cena cry during chick flick perhaps may help reduce his seminal volume. So let’s just say the science is still out on how much clearing your pipes affects when / how much semen will show up later.

But who cares, right? Just have fun! Enjoy yourself! Don't worry about whether or not sperm lingers -- it's probably nothing more than an inconvenient surprise at worst. And hey, maybe next time you'll just remember to bring a change of underwear with you to work (just in case).

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