Wrap it Up: Does Preparation H and Saran Wrap Work for Weight Loss?

Are you tired of the traditional "eat less, exercise more" weight loss methods? Have you heard about the trendy new hack involving Preparation H and Saran wrap? If so, hold onto your hats because we're diving deep into whether or not this popular method actually works.

Wrap it Up: Does Preparation H and Saran Wrap Work for Weight Loss?

What is Preparation H?

Preparation H is a cream typically used to relieve itching and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. However, some people claim that applying it topically can lead to temporary reductions in body fat.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend using Preparation H for weight loss purposes as there is no scientific evidence to support its effectiveness. Plus, who wants their butt cream all over their belly anyways?

The Science behind Wrapping Yourself in Plastic

The idea behind wrapping yourself in plastic goes something like this: When applied tightly around specific areas such as the stomach or thighs (think sausage casing tight), heat builds up causing perspiration which leads to increased caloric burn aka sweating = weight loss.

Now before you start frantically digging through your kitchen drawers looking for any sort of clingwrap alternative - let's get one thing straight; sweat doesn't equate efficiency when it comes to losing weight!

When we sweat our bodies are just releasing moisture-primarily water-weight / electrolytes; not actual calories itself! Furthermore through sweating , every time we lose a fluid ounce of water / electrolyte from sweating & then quickly replacing with another...our body barely noticed any input/output difference energy wise , so even if someone manages somehow manage excreting 1000 ounces worth of hydration = They will end up compensating later on with drinking/replenishing back those same amount anyway!!

But Wait...There's More!

While sweating may seem like an appealing way to lose excess pounds without hitting the gym oftentimes wrapping ourselves like fresh deli meats isn't enough. We still have to address the root cause of weight gain, which is excess calories consumed.

Additionally it's important to note that simply sweating does not equate any long-term waist reduction! It may lead to a very temporary loss in inches but this effect will quickly wear off post-hydration consumption.

Where Does Saran wrap Fit In?

Saran wrap, also known as cling film, is often used in conjunction with Preparation H to increase its effectiveness while wrapping yourself like a juicy Christmas ham. The idea behind using Saran Wrap over extensive body parts is that when sweat would typically evaporate out into open air instead gets trapped inside creating sauna-like conditions heightening & prolonging any short term weight loss benefits associated with methods such as preparation h/topical cream application onto stomach/thighs area.

The main concept behind these wrappings together effectively boils down to increasing localised temperature under saran whilst combined application of topical preparations selected locally on areas where function required (fat) breakdown!

At an immediate level after applying these two hacks together you'll actually even demonstrate surface level slimming/skin tautness given reactional heat-induced dehydration leading observable skin shrinkage within seconds / minutes time frame - however , once natural hydration restored this "shrinked" appearance ultimately vanished for the most part!

There are certainly some downsides when it comes to using Saran wrap coupled with Preparation H; from risking severe burns if applied improperly or for too long.& let’s not forget about potential allergic reactions – your body cannot be happy being wrapped tightly around weird synthetic materials… Furthermore having said all above points- there remains no actual scientific merit backing up this belly bandit method either

Overall, Although intriguing and definitely NOT boring - much like an elevator ride before getting kicked out by security-Sweep it permanently under rug labeled 'Bad Science' !

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